Osun PDP Is ‘Clinically’ Dead – Commissioner

…There Is No Crisis In Osun PDP, Party Chieftain Insists

By Nofisat Adeoye

Commissioner for Innovation, Science and Technology, State of Osun, Engr. Oluremi Omowaiye, has posited that the State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is “clinically dead”.

Omowaiye said the party has no kidney, no liver and has resorted to lies and blackmail against the state government to propagate its agenda.

The Commissioner stated this on a popular radio programme monitored by OSUN DEFENDER.

“The PDP is clinically dead, it has no kidney, no liver and the party is now thinking with its anus. There is no hope for PDP in Osun and the party members know this.

“This is a party that its secretary defected from few days ago, a party that has no chairman in the state, a party that has no structure and that its National Chairman has even been dragged to court. I boldly say that PDP is gone in the state.” Omowaiye added.

“PDP is a bad product to sell and sympathise with my brother for trying so hard to sell a dead party”

However in a swift response, a chieftain of the PDP who was also on the radio programme, Mr Akin Adeyi said the party is not dead or dying and is not in any crisis.

He said there had been no official statement against the chairman of the state caretaker committee and that the secretary who defected from the party only did because his boss defected and he had no choice.

Responding to the Adeyi’s claim that the state government has only embarked on capital projects at the expense of dying workers, Omowaiye said the state had only embarked on projects which would benefit the majority of the Osun people.

He noted that Government is not all about paying salaries and that the State government had only embarked on projects which are economically viable to the state.

“We know the PDP does not value infrastructure and you are only defending your dead party. Over 80% was used for workers from the first and second tranche of Paris club Refund and we know Government is not about paying workers alone.

“Look at the roads we have built, over 70 new schools, the markets and other infrastructural developments. When there was resources in the state, the PDP could not do it anything much less when there is limited resources in the state now.

“Osun people know the truth. We thank the State workers for their understanding.”