Osun PDP Gangs Up Again To Frustrate Aregbesola’s Govt

Not tired of past frustrations on every move aimed at ejecting Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola out of office at all cost, the ousted Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state hadembarked on another move to gang-up and frustrate the current administration in the state, investigation has revealed.
In order to prosecute their plans,PDP chieftains have been calling on each other,on the need to reunite and drop their political indifferences,to bring human and financial resources together to frustrate Aregbesola administration out of office.
Investigation revealed on Wednesday that the party had been mapping out another strategy to incite the people of the state against Governor Aregbesola, if eventually, the ongoing industrial action embarked upon by the state workers was called-off.
Part of the strategies adopted by the PDP, OSUN DEFENDER learnt, was sponsorship of labour unions and funding of opposition programmes, on a television station, owned by the Federal Government in the state.
Findings showed that the chieftains of the party had been working assiduously, to resurrect a moribund local newspaper, which was the mouthpiece of the PDP, while it was in power in the state.
The said newspaper had earlier been used against the Action Congress of Nigeria-led (ACN) government, when Aregbesola took over the mantle of leadership of the state, before the paper died a natural death due to disunity in the PDP and non-availability of funds.
Sources within the party confided in the medium that the chieftains of the party had secured the commitment of some government officials in the state civil service, who would be supplying them confidential information about the running of Aregbesola’s administration in the state.
It was gathered that the PDP chieftains,had also reached out to some perceived aggrieved members of the ACN, with a view to wooing them into their fold.
This step, according to impeccable sources,was to cause internal crisis within the ruling party, which would afford the PDP, to launch an onattack on Aregbesola’s government.
The sources disclosed to OSUN DEFENDER, that the PDP chieftains, at a meeting held at the palace of a traditional ruler in the state last Sunday, also concluded plans to embark on moves to start blackmailing the person of Aregbesola and his administration in commercial buses, commercial motorcycle, restaurants, beer parlours and in market places.
Presently, the PDP, the source further revealed, had planted some people in the ACN,with a mission to spy for the opposition party.
In order to form a formidable opposition, the PDP chieftains had been appealing to each other to reunite, a cause that was being championed by an Iwo-born stalwart of the party, Chief Abiola Ogundokun.
Ogundokun had last week called for an emergency unity among members of the defeated party, in order to make an in-road back into the governance of the state, adding that there was an urgent need for the members, to come together and rebuild the party and make it strong again.

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  2. Akin akin something or whatever u call urself, i can see that u are part of unprogressive to osun, if u dont like aregbesola or osun progess u better go to memorial hammer for treatment. I believed if not for america u will u might probably begging under aregbesola now. Please let ACN expose the fucking pdp. If u had part in the evil of pdp i believed u will want best for osun.u better thank God for ur own. Long life osun long life ACN long life aregbesola

  3. whats the meaning of all this “imbecillic” attack on this site? as ordinary readers who come by, its easy to nitice the bias of certain people on this page. i have always seen this Akin to be sometimes objective, sometimes leaning towards the present government and just because he came to give a sound advice today, someone is actually spewing gabage. if ACN llikes, they should keep with the verbal attacks and unnoticeable performance. the fact is new parties are fast rising and loyalty shifts easily. all the man said is that one shouldnt relent in good performance if he has his enemies on his trail and look at someones reply! na wa for this internet sef.

  4. Enough of this propaganda from Gov Aregbe. The PDP misgovernment has been defeated for ever. However, they will find their way back in 2015 if our dear Gov Aregbe continues with imaginary an imagined shadows of PDP masquarade. This no alternative to performance. Could any PDP gang up against Fashola in Lagos. Capital NO.
    The fact about the matter is that Gov Aregbe is not performing
    Enough of this propaganda of PDP this PDP that. Aregbe should perform. He has collected more than N50billion from the federation Account between November 2010 and July 2011. In fact Osun State collected N12billion in July 2011 for both state and local government. People should be informed that the 3 tiers of government (Federal, state and local governments) shared N1.3trillion naira in July as against the average monthly sum of N450billion they use to share. About N770billion was use to augment from the Excess Crude Account.
    I know some people would argue that all governments collected extra pay but what has our own dear Gov Aregbe done with all these large sums of money. It is on record that the medical students program of the Osun State University has been paralyzed. We have all been blaming the PDP government but the PDP built the University which Aregbe is now consigning into the dustbin. At a time, he was talking of wanting to sell the University to a private manager.
    There were wild jubilations across the South western part of Nigeria the moment ACN governments were being entrenched from one state to the other after the court judgmenents.
    Unfortunately however, these jubilations have become ashes in our mouth with the non performance witnessed in the ACN controlled states except in Lagos where there are glimpses of hope. Again, the performance in Lagos could have been better had there not been leakages as it was exposed by ACN members themselves that Lagos Speaker has collected N7b within the last 14 months as first line charge. The fact that the speaker did not deny receiving the funds speaks volume of what could be happening. His defence that he shares the money with the other 39 members of the assembly is disturbing.
    Workers have been on strike in Osun state for weeks. This state has collected over N50billion from the federation account in the past 10 months of Aregbesola’s ACN government. Osun State University has been comatozed in the last 8 months. This University used to be the best in terms of non disturbance.
    This brings me to the view that there is big leadership gap as analyzed below:

    All should be concerned that there is a big leadership gap in this country called Nigeria. Leadership is about Trust. To the extent that none of the rulers could be trusted supports the existence of the gap. Not even the much averred ACN under the leadership of Bola Tinubu. We have all be hailing Fashola as a performer. Who could have conceived that N500m could be given to the Speaker of the Lagos State Assembly monthly as first line charge? First line means deduction from the revenue before appropriation.
    In defending himself, the speaker informed the EFCC that he gives N5m monthly to each member of the Lagos Assembly including himself. For what purpose and for what purpose is Dimeji Bankole being tried? Same purpose of course. In addition, N5m for 40 legislators amounted to N200m monthly. What does He spend the balance of N300m on? If this is happening in the state the performing Fashola heads, how much of these are happening in other states including security votes.
    We have always been castigating Peoples Destruction Party (PDP) as the only corrupt party. The fact that the speaker of the Lagos State Assembly did not deny collecting the N500m but stated that He distributes to member confirms corruption everywhere. Lagos is the best performing state.
    I cannot see any difference between Obasanjo’s brigande and Bola Tinubu’s corruption. Could anyone tell me if there was any primary election in the ACN? Is the act of Tinubu dictating who would go for what position different from that of ever overbearing tendencies of Obasanjo? Tinubu’s wife, children and in laws were foisted on Lagosians. They are all same of the same. Let no one be fooled.
    It is on record that Aregbesola’s electoral victory was hailed with pomp and pageantry. However, those jubilations have become ashes. In fact, He collected over N12billion in July 2011 for both state and local governments. What has he done? If he has not done anything, is the fund still intact? No.

  5. The so called “chief Abiola Ogundokun, will never learn his lessons. He is nothing more than anotorius man,without any educational backgorund. He is been an instrument of huliganism in Iwo.
    There is nothing he has been able to do for the good of Iwo people,more than to be a stared gangleader for bad political activities.
    Luckilly, citizens in Iwo had grown past his funny ideologies of huliganism. the youth are more educate, and widely progressive.
    Iwo is one of the strongest pillars of ACN with 100% support fo ACN.There is no single cancellors for PDP in iwo and Ogundokun can never change that,but he can only fool his political mates within the PDP.
    Wishing our able governor Aregbesola and all his associates,good luck and Allahs’s blessings.

  6. What the sacked governor (Oyinlola) was unable to deliver for seven and half years, the Ogbeni Governor had been able to deliver it in the short period he resume the office, Imagine!!
    Some people now gather them self (PDP) against him, they don’t know that Action speak louder than voice….
    Aregbesola has lay down a good legacy in osun state of which the good people of the state have benefited from it..So far PDP can not challenge the good work of Raji Fashola in Lagos State, Same is the case in Osun state.
    PDP will just do in vain because they are always a looser. Aregbe no shaking, lasiko tire Osun o ni daru, A ma dara si nioooo…..

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