Osun PDP And Frivolity

Now that Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, governor of Osun State, has formed his cabinet, it is hoped that  Otunba … Ojo-Williams, acting chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State, would engage himself in more worthwhile and befitting ventures, aside from being the annoying busybody in the political space that he has turned himself into.

He has been a star actor in the Osun PDP frivolity, so much so that it is clear, in political terms, that a frivolous party has sought out a frivolous chairman, and both have struck a frivolous equilibrium, so much so that the man symbolises the party as much as the party proudly displays itself as the Palladium of frivolity!

When confirmed vote robbers in the South West were in death spasm, yelling about lost lollies from stolen but retrieved mandates, Otunba Ojo-Williams was there, screaming louder than the bereaved.  Ace and judicially confirmed vote thieves like former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Iyiola Omisore thought they could bluff and bluster to blackmail the judiciary into giving them back mandates they clearly stole.  On that score, Otunba Williams was a happy cheer leader, mouthing infantile allegations and signing absurd advertorials. The PDP strategy seems to be that whoever shouts most carries the day in a logical argument.

But alas! That unholy campaign fell flat and there is no reprieve for mandate thieves – mandate thieves who corralled their pseudo mandate in the most cynical of ways: killing, maiming and destroying the psyche of the people.  Thank God, the Judiciary stayed resolute, because a single man,  Justice Ayo Salami, would not compromise his principles.

While all those tomfoolery was going on, the Osun PDP, under Ojo-Williams, launched a drama of the absurd, urging Ogbeni to constitute its cabinet.  They even went as far as suggesting names for the governor, as if a party that was mercilessly shellacked in the April 2011 has a constitutional right to hold a watching brief over a government that sent it to electoral Golgotha.

Again, that battle has been lost and the reason for the PDP rascality has been removed.  Ogbeni has formed his cabinet to near-universal acclaim.  The sheer calibre of the people in that cabinet, from the late Bola Ige’s son, Muyiwa, to Chief Awolowo’s grandson, …. Soyode and even Sunday Akere, the indefatigable former Osun Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) director of research and strategy, is enough to make the point that governance is serious business, not the civilian equivalent of idle, tipsy and drunk soldiers plotting coups over beer and pepper soup!

Hon. Akere, you would recall, was one of those locked in Oyinlola’s gulag for phantom offences, with the illicit conspiracy of a certain judge in the Osun Judiciary, with the fond hope that it would break their spirit.  But no!

Now that the cabinet has been formed, stolen mandate has been retrieved and given back to rightful winners and the governor has given his team an ideological-driven charter of performance, would the Osun PDP rise above its frivolity and put the government on its toes?  That would be ideal.  But nobody should bet on that.

A party that ruled for almost eight years and could not even manifest the most basic part of good governance is in no condition to drive another government to higher performance.  To be sure, it would make some noise; but just absurd yammering  to ensure that people note that it is not dead.  But it is the nuisance value of that noise that will grab people’s attention and further consign the PDP to where it really belongs in Osun State and Western Nigeria in general – the waste bin!

But as PDP continues with its rascality and buffoonery, the Aregbesola government would do well to stay focused and give the Osun people they government they have always deserved, but have seldom got.

This is the time to give them that quality service and totally expose the PDP to power jesters that they are.