Osun LG Bosses Attacked In Coutonou

•DPMs In Shongai For Snail, Grasscutters

IN a manner suggestive of reduction of status, the 30 local government council areas of Osun State have been reduced to the State Ministry of Agriculture, as chairmen, who travelled to far away Coutonou in Republic of Benin to observe rearing of snails and grasscutters, were attacked, robbed and beaten blue-black by suspected armed robbers.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the council bosses embarked on the fire-brigade approach to agricultural sector, when the state embattled Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola allegedly told them in clear terms that they have failed to impress him in their performances.

It would be recalled that the last year’s largely boycotted local government polls has become a subject of litigation, which was instituted by the Action Congress (AC)-led opposition political parties.

It was learnt that the fear of the outcome of the Appeal Court’s suit filed by the aggrieved parties forced the embattled chairmen to seek governorship refuge, but were reportedly spanked for low performance by the state helmsman.

Having been criticized for alleged frivolous spendings on the retreat in far away South Africa and children’s holiday in the United States of America, the council chiefs then resolved to dissipate more energy on agriculture.

To create an easy passage for express approval for another trip outside the country, the council bosses then resolved to include the DPMs in the programme, a situation that made both of them (chairmen and DPMs) to travel to the Republic of Benin.

While the DPMs reportedly had a smooth journey to Shongai, where they were to observe the superlative agricultural method in the country; the 15 chairmen who were billed to visit Coutonu were not that lucky; as men of the underworld served them doses of beatings, ranging from caning with cassava stems to gun-butts.

Speaking on the development, an agricultural scientist, Mr Bode Ogundele said that the chairmen who travelled to Coutonu to learn rearing of snails and grasscutters were not on a serious mission, disclosing that they could learn the animal dairy right here in Nigeria.

“I must tell you that if truly, these council chairmen travelled to Coutonu to learn rearing of snails or grasscutters or both; it was a mere jamboree, with no serious mission, because we have better experts on agriculture right here in this country”, Ogundele argued.

In his reaction, the State Secretary of National Conscience Party (NCP), Mr Ademola Bankole said that the chairmen brought the DPMs into the unnecessary trip in order to make them partners in looting of the council treasuries.

“These politicians in councils are clever by half as, they have misappropriated enough funds, only to be sending the unsuspected DPMs to a jamboree-like trip to Shongai, under the guise of observing how agriculture ought to be practised there; we shall surely get their antics,” said Bankole.