Osun Govt Is Tyrannical

‘Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God’Jefferson.

‘There is a report of a battle where there is no fight and a complete silence where hundreds of people have been killed, this gives me an impression that the concept of truth is fading out of the world.

Going by the definition of democracy according to Abraham Lincoln -it is the government of the people by the people and for the people. It was succinctly averred to be all for the people. However, in Osun State, the other side is just the story. Democracy is only in the name than in operation. The government in Osun State is tyrannical in nature.

Meanwhile, government by tyranny is maintained only by the use of force or by various acts of repression and oppression against those who disagree with or are critical of tyrants or dictators. Obviously, during the military era, Nigerians without mincing words experienced brutal force and other coercive control.

Killings and maiming characterized the then military in power so as to deal with the opposition. There were silent killings everywhere in the country. It was the period of inglorious military regime that Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, Alfred Rewane, Alhaja Suliyat Adedeji, Ken Saro Wiwa and others numerous to mention were brutally assassinated. Some were maimed while others were sent to exiles peremptorily. The economy crumbled and the international credibility was seriously eroded.

It was over this hallmark that Nigerians took it upon themselves as a matter of imperativeness to have engaged in fasting and prayers for the transformation of the country to civil rule. The prayer which was believed to have been answered by the supreme being and the Nigerians smelt the arrival of our nascent democracy in 1999 through the sacrifice made by the late acclaimed winner of June 12, 1993 election, Chief MKO Abiola, of the blessed memory.

Osun State could still be running up against the old repression and oppression. It irks the intellectual public when ponder over misfortune of Osun State in the hand of once upon a time a khaki man. It exhibits the fact that once a military man, always a military man, no amount of civilian toga put on, it is bound to reflect. The habitual posture that made up the government of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, on the introduction of do-or-die affair syndrome into our politics.

It is when this freedom exists that man can grow into the self-reliant and fearless creature that God intends him to be. But the situation was made to dissent in Osun State as the present controversial Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola is fathomed of being foisted on the people by powers that be in the state. This was displayed through the spontaneous reactions of the masses in the state against the INEC declaration of controversial Oyinlola as the winner of April 14, 2007 gubernatorial election.

As against the collective psyche of the generality of the people in the state, the old repression and oppression could still be in our amidst in spite of democracy agreed to have been in existence in the country.

By and large, any person or group of persons who wishes to become a menace to the people will be resisted. This is because regardless of the level of repression, human beings will always kick against all forms of dictatorship. Sooner than later, the repressed, oppressed and tyrannized people will fight for their liberation.

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