Osun Deploys Resources To Tackle Flooding

The Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola-led administration in the state of Osun as ordered the immediate construction of barriers and further dredging of its canals, drainage systems and waterways in the state to avoid a re-occurrence of flooding which took place in some areas on Tuesday 13th, September, 2016.

Though the state government said it has in the past invested heavily in modern flood prevention techniques despite no receiving a dime in ecological funds, unwholesome human practices continues to overwhelm the system.

Speaking while visiting areas affected by the flood, the governor said, “Considering our efforts in the past at ensuring dredged waterways, we never expected this”.

Recall, since 2011, the government of Ogbenu Rauf Aregbesola has being dredging waterways in different areas across the state to avoid occurrence like this.

As a matter of fact, when rampaging flood swept through most parts of Nigeria in 2012, Osun was amongst the least affected state. The reason for this it was learnt, was due to its investments in dredging its waterways, clearing of drainages and effective waste disposal system.

At Oke Onitea area of Osogbo, it was discovered during inspection that a ring culvert constructed by the Nigerian Railway Corpoiration (NRC) slowed down the downpour’s right of way which led to the flooding of the affected area. The governor promised to write the Nigerian Railway Corpoiration (NRC), for the expansion of a ring culvert under the railway to avoid future flooding of the area.

As promised during Governor Aregbesola’s tour on
Wednesday, heavy machineries have been deployed in various areas of the state to ease the flow of water and dislodge flooded areas.

See photos of the machinery at work below: