Osun Cuba Delegates Depart Nigeria

Contrary to report carried by a national daily on Sunday that the official team representing state of Osun at the 2012 Cuba May Day Celebration was turned back at the Murtala Mohammed Airport Lagos, it departed on KLM flight en route Amsterdam Airport at about 21.55pm on Sunday.

The 60-man delegation comprising of representatives of civil society groups, traditional rulers and worshippers, market women, a representative from each farm settlements in the state and representative of road transport union. Also on the delegation are student union leaders in Osun tertiary institutions, representatives of Alliance of Conference of Political Parties in the state, Osun Executive members was led the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Akinrogun Sunday Akere.

The team, while in Cuba, will take part in camping programmes at Caimijo, where lectures on Leadership training, Agricultural production, health delivery, Commerce, Education and tourism would be delivered. It would also participate in practical agricultural training and engaged experts in various fields on proper ways of managing scarce economic resources effectively.

Also, the team apart from participating in the May Day celebration on Tuesday, where it would display the country’s cultural heritage, it would also take part in the international conference schedule for May 3 in the capital city, Havana.

The team would also visit historical cultural sites revealing the bond and link between Osun and the Cuban nation, such as the Yoruba Museum as well as other interesting places. The team is expected back in Nigeria on May 10, 2012.

5 thoughts on “Osun Cuba Delegates Depart Nigeria”

  1. This is just A Wastage of Scarce Resources. QED.

    What are the benefits of this trip to the participants and Osun State at large? The funds used for the trip, which will be running into millions would have been judiciously used to buy medications to some of our hospitals, health centres and dispensaries; books for our school children, among other urgent needs.

    This travelling jamboree and others are not of any usefulness to the state, This is because what we are wasting our money and time to search for outside, are right under our eyes within the state. For instance, Ife Museum has a lot of information about the Yoruba Race and I do not see any prudence in the idea of going down to Cuba to learn more about the Race, instead of the Cubans coming down to us as their root to learn from us. Is it not painfully shameful to learn that members of this team may not even be aware that Ile Ife has an Historic Museum, talk less of paying a visit there?

    If care is not taken, the present administration in Osun State will end up worst than the previous one because of lack of vision and focus. It thrives more on propaganda and utopianism.

  2. @ OmoOba,Pls, go through the statement once again, u will see that the benefit of the trip to the participants and to the state at large has been indirectly listed in the 3rd paragrahp of the above statment.
    The govt., have to touch all aspect of economy not only health and education. afterall, the schools and hospitals are not out of stock and govt. are trying their best to make sure that there is free health and free education in the state.
    pls, stop critisize the good work of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola ‘cos what this

  3. man has done in short time he resume the office, Oyinlola did not do one quarter of it. you too compare and contrast. then see the differences.Thanks.

  4. 60 People sent to Cuba by a state which is struggling to borrow N60 billion in addition to the increase of N7 billion to the N18billion debt of PDP. Gov. Aregbe is taking the state from a debt burden of N18billion burden by the visionless and wicked thieving People Destruction party (PDP) to N85 billion Naira. Yet the next thing to be done is profligacy in the name of cultural tour. How does a traditional ruler in the entourage for instance add to the economic development of the state? For what reason by way of benefit is a students’ Union leader included in the entourage?

    This is one of the most wasteful activities of any government.

    This is a government which closed down the whole of the College of Medicine at the Osun State University for lack of funds to complete the laboratory of the teaching Hospital. Haba Ogbeni Aregbesola.

    How many Cuba tours did Asiwaju Tinubu who transformed a bigger rot in Lagos to foundation of mega city upon which Gov. Fashola has been building his superlative performance? How many jamboree wasteful overseas trip has Fashola embarked upon to perform so wonderfully that his performance was used to win elections in other states.
    A state which has no money to the extent of borrowing embarking on this type of wastefulness is demonstrating either lack of direction/vision or mischief.

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