Osun CP Unleashes Terror On Osogbo Residents

Inspector General of Police

Despite the numerous calls by the people of Osun State to the State Commissioner of Police. Mr. John
Moronike to call his men to order, the police chief last weekend unleashed terror on some innocent citizens around Stadium-area in the state capital.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that on Friday morning at about 10:00am, the commissioner’s entourage was passing through the area, when it suddenly pulled up in a manner that resembled that of an armed robbery raid but for the uniform donned by him and his aides.

According to an eye witness account, the police boss alighted from his vehicle with horse-whip and pounced on his victims, like a lion would descend on its prey, adding that the helpless victims shouted for help to no avail as no one could dare challenge the police boss.

The source disclosed that everyone at the scene ran for safety not knowing exactly what was going on and what might likely follow as no one wanted to become a victim of a stray bullet.

He however stated that on discovering that the embattled police boss was after the commercial motorcycle riders whom, the police chief claimed were stubborn for not leaving the public road when he was passing through.

Another eye witness at the scene, Mr. Yemi Adeniran told our reporter that, the police boss and his boys were on rampage saying that they ran after these people as if they were criminals.

Adeniran added that from the way the Okada men were beaten by Moronike and his boys, their intention was to maim or kill them in the public glare.

“I can’t imagine a public law enforcement officer behaving irrationally in the public, he personally came out of his car and maltreated the innocent men brought to him by his aides.” He stated.

“His boys even went after those that ran into the bush and unleashed their brute-might on them, all on the claim that they did not vacate the road for him to pass. I think somebody high on the ladder needs to call this man to order”, stated Adeniran.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the commissioner of police early last month allegedly stopped at the old-Coca-cola area and ordered his boys to deal with some Okada riders who refused to vacate the road on his approach.

Over the last two months, several issues have been raised over the brutality of the men of the Special Antl-Robbery Squad (SARS) and the Eagle Squad, both units answerable to the embattled commissioner, operate across the state.

Adeniran stated that it is crystal clear that these units are discharging their duties according to the order of their boss, who, he added publicly led an armed-gang of mobile policemen to unleashed his reign of terror on the innocent and poor masses of the state.

Also last month, two citizen of the state were allegedly killed in police cells at two different outposts in the state, while the parents of the victims were calling on the police chief to bring the culprits to justice.

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