Osun Council Chairmen And Wasteful Foreign Retreat

With the recent trip to South Africa by the council bosses in Osun State to have a retreat, there seems to be no end in sight to the cultures of exravagance, financial recklessness and wastage of our commonwealth, for as long as the PDP is still sitting at the helms of affairs in this state. Not a few people were taken aback by the wasteful conduct of these council chairmen who travelled to South Africa recently in the name of retreat, even when their duties are left undone.

What is happening in Osun State is a manifestation of the saying that-when the head is bad, the whole body is definitely in shamble. The nitty-gritty concerning the culture of wastage prevalent in the state today is woven round the kind of leadership that the PDP is imposing on the people in the contemporary Nigeria. Leaders who lack vision and who do not posses, even, the modicum idea of good governance can not be expected to deliver the goods. They are absolutely incapable of using power to benefit the people since, ab-initio, they didn’t have a faint idea of what to do with power. From national to state-down to local level, mediocrity characterises leadership as imposed by the PDP through electoral brigandage. This is why it may be tantamount to crying for the moon by expecting any impressive performance from such ‘representatives’.

But it is a worst scenario in Osun State where the helmsman is squandering the resources of the state with impunity. The ‘governor’ of the state today in person of Olagunsoye Oyinlola does not care a hoot about the welfare of the people. Neither does he bother about giving the people the deserved dividends of democracy. No wonder, one of the world eminent scholars, Professor Wole Soyinka recently refered to him as ‘ a misgoverned governor’. This is because he is the best example of non-performing governors in the federation today. Oyinlola’s failure to set a good example in governance has provided an alibi for his council chairmen to also put on the garb of non-performance and engage in profligacy. As if their do-nothing postures are not enough, they have started embarking on useless and wasteful foreign trips in the name of retreat as exemplified by their recent trip to South Africa. By this, they have taken after their political god-father, ‘governor’ Oyinlola who revels in junketing arround the world, wasting the state’s resourses in the name of soliciting for foreign investors.

Indisputably, embarking on useless foreign trips in the name of searching for investors has been the major achievement of Oyinlola since he came to power through crookery and there is no any investment on the ground to really justify his incessant foreign trips. That the Osun council chairmen have imbibed the culture of wastage from Oyinlola is no supprise. It is no supprise because Oyinlola himself has not been called to order by a higher authority since.

While we are not opposed to the chairmen having a retreat – only if such is genuinely aimed at deliberating on issues bothering on the development of their councils, we frown at a situation whereby the chairmen abadon their official duties and responsibilities only to embark on useless trips abroad in the name of any retreat that doesn’t do the state any good. Or of what importance is a retreat in South Africa when those jobs for which they were (un)elected to do suffer negligence? Of what need is a retreat in a foreign land when, of course, there are more than enough comfortable places here where such retreat can take place? The trip, we affirm, is needles. It is basically fruitless. The whole excercise is nothing but part of those gimmicks usually employed by opportunists and squandermaniacs in power to waste our collective resources.

It is in the same vein that we also found condemnable, the idea of council executives using the resources meant for the development of the state to send their wives and children on holiday overseas. This level, to which governance has degenerated under the PDP is the worst form of misgovernance in the annals of this state and it is high time these squandermaniacs at the helms of affairs in the state were called to order by higher authorities. So they dont milk the state dry through their recklessness and acts of profligacy.

We once again call on the relevant authorities-the ICPC and EFCC especially, not to relent on their new-found commendable courage to rid the state of corruption.

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