Osun Council Bosses Lament Career Officers’ Insincerity, Nonchalant Attitude

Caretaker Committee Chairmen in the 30 local government council areas of Osun State, including Area Office, Modakeke, have been lamenting the insincerity and lackadaisical attitude of top career officers in the councils, accusing them of deliberate plans to frustrate their achievements.
Investigation by OSUN DEFENDER revealed that top career officers, particularly the Head of Local Government Authority (HLA) and Director of Works, have not been wholeheartedly supporting the chairmen for the reasons best known to them.
Finding showed that official documents and information that had to do with financial, security, economic and administrative running of some of the councils, were being revealed to chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who in-turn castigate and even blackmail the council chairmen with the documents.
According to three chairmen in some local council area in Osun West, Central and Ife-Ijesa Senatorial Districts, the HLAs and the Directors of Works in their councils were in habit of withholding information and files that had to do with developmental projects in the council areas.
They further alleged that projects that are not handled directly by the Department  of Works or any other department of the local councils, would not be given priority, a development that had resulted into many confrontations between the chairmen and the career officers.
It was learnt that the career officers were embitteredover the prudence of some of the council chairmen, a situation that had stemmed frivolous spendings and fraudulent activities in the councils.
The medium learnt that some of the career officers had been inciting some chieftains of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) against the caretaker committee chairmen, with the claim that the chairmen were being reluctant to give out money to politicians, while the councils were having much cash at their disposal.
According to the affected chairmen, the career officers had for some time been in the habit of giving out the quotation of monthly allocations of the councils, their expenditures, incomes and allowances of the chairmen to the politicians, in order to aggravate hatred towards the council bosses.
Speaking with OSUN DEFENDER on Monday, one of the council chairmen, who pleaded anonymity, said; “The issue of our career officers is pathetic. I must say that we are playing hide and seek game with them.”
“We have not been enjoying their full corporation and this has been affecting our achievements. I wouldn’t know if they want us to fail, but it is very clear that we don’t enjoy their support as expected.
“The career officers would make sure they frustrate all projects that they would not handle directly,especially thoseawarded to contractors or supervised by the council chairman himself”.
Currently, controversies are surrounding the extraction of some official documents with which a lawyer had been threatening to institute legal action against one of the local government councils in Iwo area, oversome debts the council is owing.
Investigation showed that the affected council, under the administration of the sacked PDP chairman, owed some cow dealers to the tune of N2million, whilethe current caretaker committee chairman had been attempting to offset the debt before the lawyer to the cow dealers threatened a court action.
The chairman of the council, had however, demanded to know where the lawyer obtained the official document of the council containing his comments and that of the other top officials of the council on the debt, without any formal application.

One thought on “Osun Council Bosses Lament Career Officers’ Insincerity, Nonchalant Attitude”

  1. Not all contractors or consultants that worked with the last local government administration are P.D.P people,honestly some people got jobs (though very small) without party affiliation. Please check the records of those who claim they were owed hey well. Pay those whose case is geniunly and ………. those not. Again the Politician should not see all the careerist as P.D.P errand boys. Give the HLA’s, DAGSs, D.Fs and other directors rooms to operate. Understand each other and don’t look at them as your Opposition boys. First impression last long, the moment the Caretaker Chairmen belief they are working with their political enemy, they can’t record much success, because it is those career officers that will give them the much needed information, facts and figures. In the interest of peace and for the development of our Local Governments. OSUN ADARA O.

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