Osun Awards Road Construction Contract To Connect Ogun, Lagos

The Osun State government has awarded a contract of road constructions that would connect the state straight to Ogun State, through Ikoyi to Ikorodu and to Lagos by bypassing Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.
The governor of the state, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola, disclosed this last Sunday during the Church Service marking the 20th Anniversary of the state, held at the All Saints Cathedral Church, Balogun Agoro, Osogbo, saying that when the road is completed, those travelling to Lagos would no longer pass through the rigours of traffic hold-up in Ibadan.
Represented by his deputy, Otunba Titilayo Laoye-Tomori, the governor also reiterated the commitment of his administration to rebuild Osogbo, the state capital and put it on the map of the world, as one of the best state capitals in the world.
According to him, “this government had awarded a contract that will connect Osun State straight to Ogun State, through Ikoyi to Ikorodu and to Lagos. We will cut-off Oyo State. So, we would no longer go through the rigours of traffic hold-up in Ibadan”.
The present administration, he said, was hell-bent in developing and renewing the state, through road construction among others, which, he said, had been started at the rural areas, due to the commitment of the government to develop agriculture and ensure massive food production for the people of the state.
Aregbesola also noted that the state was poised to tap all available avenues, especially in the area of tourism, to increase its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), for the advancement of the state.
He said: “Recently we launch O-Tour to put the state tourism on the world map, because we are endowed by natural things from God and we want to ensure that we become the best state in Nigeria, especially in the area of tourism. We are determined to bring out the best in the state.
“We have 63 tourist centres all over the state and we would develop all these, to ensure that our IGR improves, because, unfortunately, right now in the South-West, we have the least IGR, but within the next six months, you will all be living witnesses to what would happen”, he insisted.
The governor, who lauded the civil servants, religious leaders and traditional rulers in their untiring efforts at ensuring the development of the state since its creation, noted that his administration would do all it takes at ensuring that, the state is taking to the highest level of good governance, just as he called for prayers from every quarter in the state.
In his sermon, the Bishop, Osun Diocese of Anglican Communion, Rt. Reverend Afolabi Popoola, called on the Nigeria leaders to rise-up to the challenges of Boko Haram menace and armed robbery, among others, saying that the country is now in the era of fear.
Commending the governor on the employment of 20,000 youths under the Osun Youths Empowerment Scheme (OYES), the Bishop called for prayers and the fear of God among leaders and followers, saying that it was only through the fear of God and prayers that the crisis in the country could be resolved.
On the ongoing industrial strike action in the state, the Bishop appealed to the government and the workers, to further shift their grounds with a view to calling-off the strike, as many things in the state have been paralyzed, since the commencement of the strike action.

12 thoughts on “Osun Awards Road Construction Contract To Connect Ogun, Lagos”

  1. Well done to the Governor and the entire people of Osun State for this dynamic initiative of linking these three states together through this new road. Little minds think in a little way while big minds think greatly. Road contruction and rehabilitation are the keys to rural development.

    Squandering of public funds by the past administration has left big hole in the finances of the state. With little or no internally Generate Revenue, low or non payment of taxes by the private sectors, i pitty the state Government over the present predicament. Servicing the debts left behind by the previous Government, paying civil servants and moderrnising the state moribound infrastructures which are very archiac can be very challenging to the state Government.
    Nothingwithstanding, the state is striving to make the endsmeet. The state Government is trying it best and needs all encouragement in the world to perform better. Let all of us support Governor Aregbesola and his Government to make Osun State an enviable state of our dream. God bless Osun State, God bless Nigeria.
    Musa Olaiwon is a native of Ikire in Irewole Local Government.

  2. Nothing can be better than this. I had always thought about it. The traffic logjam on the Ibadan express and especially at the Iwo road junction is enough to make a good leader consider a new bye-pass for Ibadan, but those in-charge looked elsewhere. This one is more than just a bye-pass, but a landmark project of economic importance. The guv should pls make it a dual carriage. More grease to your elbow.

  3. The statuesque should be shunned, let our infrastructural project be of world standard. i.e interstate roads at this age must not only be of dual carriage but of 6 or 8 lanes, high standard and with strong maintenance backup.

  4. In actual fact,it takes a visionary and committed leader to think and act in this manner. I wonder the direction in which the past Govs of Osun and Oyo States were thinking.

    I hope Ogbeni Aregbesola did not award the contract to RCC? If he did…,I am sorry.

  5. It would have being the best of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, if he can act and stand on is word to construct road linking Osun to Lagos.

  6. I we happy if Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola construct Iwo to osogbo exprece way.forether more it we better for we business man and women by taking quick action on this ongoin strike in our state, the reason i let you know this is that as the workers strike our business also strike.please sir, we are unger since the strike as commence.

  7. Please before you embark on this Project Please put all the roads in all town os Oshun State in order first. Ilesha roads are so bad same with Ede and other towns. We appreciate your efforts but we are spending lots of money on repair of our cars due to these bad roads.

  8. you cant but laugh at all these talk and talk. does Osun share a border with Lagos? abi how will our Governor clear a road through Oyo state and enter Lagos? has that not entered the functional responsibility of the federal government? or is our Governor trying to renovate existing roads that leads out of Osun to Oyo towns that lead to Lagos? i heard it leads to Ikorodu, the question is how can a road leading to ikorodu become anything special? there are roads that lead from Oyo to Ikorodu already and very very few people use it so whats the bg deal about this? if the governor is not in it for the money, let him just focus on the state roads in Osun and we will appreciate that.

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