Osun At 20

Osun state recently celebrated twentieth anniversary of its creation just like others that were created along with it in 1991. The celebration which lasted for two weeks was events-packed and it has been described as the most unique in the history of celebrating the creation of that state.

Though the celebration has been and gone, the events that accompanied it which made it to be regarded as unique will continue to live in the memory of the good people of the state. Notable among the activities that made this year’s celebration memorable is the recognition given to prominent indigenes of the state by the state government. Those that have carved a niche for themselves in their chose fields and who have done the state proud were given award of recognition.

Two lessons are to be drawn from the recognitions given to these illustrious indigenes of the state. The first lesson is better learnt by the youths while the second lesson is directed to the federal government that has made award of national honour an annual tradition. For our youths, the awards should serve as a wake-up call on them to imbibe the virtues of hard work and commitment to service. Our youths need to know that what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. No matter how long, hard work will never go unnoticed and with its pleasing reward.

As stated above, the FG has a lesson to learn from the awards of recognition as organised by the Osun state government. We urge the FG to take a cue from Osun state in its annual award of national honour. It is commendable that Osun state gave awards only to those who deserve them but not just every Tom, Dick and Harry as customary of the federal government. We believe honour must be given only to whom it is due but not to people with no record of meaningful contribution to the development of fatherland.

Having stated the above, we cannot but sympathise with the state that at 20, the state has not witnessed the expected development due largely to absence of good governance especially as exemplified by the disgraced Oyinlola’s administration. With the exemption of Chief Bisi Akande’s administration, Osun state has not been opportune to be well governed in the past which is why its development has been stalled. The state didn’t fare well under the military during whose regime it came into existence. But has it fared better under democracy? This is the crucial question of which the answer is ‘No’. This is because an inept government which also lacked the interest of the people had taken the chunk of our democratic period.

The immediate past administration of Olagunsoye Oyinlola happened to be the worst in the history of Osun state. No thanks to the ‘do or die’ election philosophy of former President Obasanjo which imposed an illegitimate but more visionless and incompetent government not only on the people of Osun state but the entire Yoruba race save Lagos. The consequence of that criminal imposition of visionless leaders is the stunted growth across the entire S/West states today with only Lagos as exemption. May their ilk never come our way again.

No doubt Osun state is being faced with the challenges of development having been badly led by Oyinlola and his team of visionless vote robbers. But we have a strong believe in the new helmsman in the state as being up to the task to surmount these challenges. There is so much hope in Ogbeni Gomina, an infrastructure builder himself who had demonstrated the capacity to deliver the goods in the past and to the satisfaction of the people. He will surely rebuild the state’s infrastructures. We know he will not disappoint the people and it is on this score that we are urging all the good people of the state to continue to lend their support to this government so we can all together carry our state to an enviable height.

As our dear state clocks twenty, this paper joins millions of people and organisations to rejoice with the state and to wish the state a prosperous future. Osun a dara o!