Osun And Other Yoruba States

Embattled Governor Oyinlola of Osun StateWith a governor who is a by-word for indolence, you do not have to be palicularly imaginative or need to under take back-breaking research work to know that Osun State is at the bottom of the table when it comes to assessing the performance in government of the Yoruba states.

It can hardly have been otherwise. The impostor Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola appears to have a rather bizarre idea of what administration is all about. Evidently, whatever training he must have received in the army hasn’t made any difference. Morning, of course, harbingers the day. So, certainly not a great deal should have been expected. His career in the increasingly politicized Nigerian Army was hardly glorious.

Certainly, the man was no Benjamin Adekunle or anything remotely comparable. The high point of Olagunsoye’s career was obviously his appointment as governor of Lagos State. Now, anyone of average intelligence should have made something out of a tenure of office in Lagos.

The advantages of governing Lagos is huge. The resources, human, capital, what have you are mouth-watering. It is almost like running a separate country. However, it proved to be a disastrous tour of duty for the intellectually challenged, fun-loving prince from Okuku or is it cloud cukoo land? What the state’s first administrator, the much respected Mobolaji Johnson had in common with civilians such as Lateef Jakande and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is that all three had focus and application, which enabled them to do a good job. It is this lack of focus and application odd for someone with a military background which makes Oyinlola so ineffective.

The People’s Destruction Party which through electoral subterfuge has foisted him on Osun State, has played a cruel joke on the people of Osun. Oyinlola’s lackadaisical attitude to governance is now legendary. A man with a notoriously short attention span, his restlessness has resulted in his undertaking 77 foreign trips in five years. These trips have sunk a one billion naira hole in the state’s finances. Predictably, in view of the man’s track-record, nothing has come out of those trips. For Oyinlola, it has been one long owambe party. The foreign junkets is a classic example of how not to run a state. The trips have not resulted in any new industrial initiative or employment generation. There is nothing to show for the record, unprecedented disbursements to the state from the federal purse. Osun State has never had it so bad.

It’s been one scam after the other. In a burst of sheer stupidity, inflated allowances have been legislated for board members in a state without a serious, self-sustaining industrial or commercial base. The scam involving the so-called Osun State University is so nauseating, it beggars belief. The comprehensive rip-off of pupils and parents alike will never be forgotten.

It is therefore not surprising that when Tell Magazine in one of its recent editions did a performance rating of state governors in the federation, Oyinlola was rated very, very low. He was as usual at the back of the class. Like any seasoned exam cheat, he had tried to pull a fast one, on the invigilator. This came in the form of placing millions of naira worth of adverts in the paper, in an attempt to curry favour. The magazine which has a reputation to protect simply refused to ‘play ball’.

All this is not surprising. Not being stupid, the overwhelming majority of the people had sensibly voted for Rauf Aregbesola, a man of both quality and substance with a superlative track record. The PDP with characteristic destructive verve, robbed the people of their mandate. The result is what you see – maladministration on a ridiculous scale. In other Yoruba states, there has, at least, been a modicum of progress. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was superb in Lagos State and’ Fashola, his successor is coasting home with new, well-thought out initiatives.

Propaganda apart, at least, the Daniel administration is up to something in Ogun. The Oyinlola interregnum has been a complete disaster for the people of Osun. They have had to put up with maladministration hitherto thought to be impossible in a Yoruba state.

We look forward to the election petitions tribunal doing the right thing by restoring legitimacy. Until then, we must sing in unison – “Oh Lord, our help in ages past”. With a comedian in state house, we all need prayers to fortify our resolve in this difficult time.

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