Osun Aiming High In Agriculture

I am quite impressed with the thrust of Queen Bee Production for agriculture in Osun State.My experience at the Cooperative Farmers’ seminar held at Leisure Spring Hotel between December 8-9, 2011 made me to make this statement.

For instance, the Food Laboratory project slated for 2012 in the state is so timely and necessary. I’m a farmer and a food processor and I just got a quote for independent food product analysis at the rate of N38,000 per product. This is rather huge for an average processor in Osun State and perhaps barrier forming, if you like.

The queen bee project too amongst listed activities for 2012 is also unique and fantastic giving the present pollination activities in Nigeria and Osun is provided mainly by insects, wind, wasps, etc which accounts for 20 per cent of pollination activities, nationwide.

With queen bee production activity in Osun, the ecological balancing food production will be positively moderated, as bees in major food producing countries of the world account for 80 per cent pollination activities.

Osun State is now laying a foundation to reap higher qualitative and quantitative yield in agricultural products.Finally, I want to advise that the road will be bumpy and nerve-wrecking, but it is very important and necessary for the government to steady its gaze and maintain its focus on its vision.

With all these programmes, Osun will not only feed her people and provide employment for thousands of jobless people, it will also be the food basket of West Africa.

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  1. please am interested in queen bee production.i have hives which i manage locally and produce honey.will appreciate the opporunity to participate in this exercise.thanks.

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