OSSIEC Chair, Scribe, Commissioners, Patronise Witchdoctors

Senator Iyiola OmisoreWITCH doctors and marabouts are smiling to the banks in Osun State and beyond, as a reliable information at the disposal of OSUN DEFENDER has shown that the top and ordinary members of the state Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) were mobilizing them (witchdoctors) to confer with their idols, with a view to retaining their seats.

It would be recalled that the commission headed by an erstwhile state Chief Judge, Justice Adedotun Sijuwade has been characterized with controversies right from the threshold of its tenure, as the two polls, conducted in 2004 and 2007 respectively so far were described unsuccessful in the history of the commission.

Checks further showed that the huge funds appropriated to the commission during the last local government polls were allegedly misappropriated, as the chairman and the secretary allegedly drained the excess funds before other members were given some crumbs to keep silent.

According to an authoritative source within the commission, the large vote of funds that ought to have been returned to the state coffers, was reportedly mopped up through some bogus contracts, questionable and non-existent projects.

Findings revealed that the chairman, secretary and other commissioners had since returned to a lobby game with a view to securing another tenure, a situation that has compelled some of them to consider houses of some influential Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) gladiators as home away from home.
It was reliably gathered that the arrogance of Justice Sijuwade has been humbled by the camp of Senator Iyiola Omisore, who was said to have vowed to block the second chance of the controversial commission’s chairman.

It was learnt that the chairman has reportedly turned the residence of Omisore to a second home, as report has it that he was even passing the night there on some occasions.

Besides, the OSSIEC scribe, Mr. Bayo Olagunju has started giving some of his hatchet men in government some disturbing phone calls over his seat, soliciting for assistance of his friends, who are close to the Bola Ige House.

Not to take chances with the threat of losing their seats, the commissioners have started mobilizing some witch-doctors, marabouts, muslim and white garment clerics in conjuring a magic wand that would seal the heart of the governor in their favour for continuity.

Information has it that one of the desperate commissioners has rolled out over a million naira to a Celestial Church cleric to solicit for the assistance of Holy Michael on his behalf before the governor, who has the authority to endorse him for the second term in office.

Besides, findings further revealed that a top commissioner has consulted a witchdoctor in Ekiti State for the same purpose, mandating the traditionalists to do everything possible for him to continue in office, a situation that has turned the commissioner to a regular visitor to the remotest village in The Fountain of Knowledge state.

In an investigation conducted by OSUN DEFENDER recently, it was gathered that the Office of the Governor has been flooded with petitions against the chairman, secretary and members of the Commission, a situation that is causing the commissioners some panic.

It would be recalled that the tenure of the Sijuwade-led commission would expire on January 12, and another one could be constituted, if the governor deems it fit or he may ask the present members to carry on.

Reacting on the development, the former Special Adviser to the Governor on House of Assembly Matters, now an Action Congress (AC) leader, Alhaji Fatai Oyedele, popularly known as Diekola; expressed his vote of no confidence vote on the Sijuwade-led commission and the government, saying both the governor and the outgoing OSSIEC members have outlived their usefulness.

“Whether these people called OSSIEC commissioners are sent packing or not, the fact is established that the governor has nearly completed his underserved reign and so the commissioners have outlived their usefulness anyway,” said Oyedele.

Meanwhile, some members of staff of the OSSIEC, according to a reliable source, have however embarked on a marathon prayer against the return of the chairman, the secretary and other commissioners.