Osogbo Residents Cry Out To State Govt

Osun State government and the Ministry of Works have been prevailed upon to look into and come to the aid of some streets in the state capital; Osogbo so as to avoid a situation where such roads would be rendered unusable.
These streets, according to a cross section of residents, had been left without maintenance for some years and it had resulted into the gradual wearing away of the asphalt surfaces.
Some residents also disclosed to OSUN DEFENDER COMMUNITY NEWS that some of these were poorly constructed and no amount of maintenance could salvage them.
A visit to some of the streets, which included Ade Festus, Ajobo, Jaleyemi, Oduntan, Araromi streets and Girls School Road revealed the poor state of the roads.
A resident of the Ade Festus, Bimpe Adegunju observed that the reason for the neglect may be connected to the fact that the authorities might not be aware of the location of the streets.
She asserted that her street had been without asphalt for so many years.
She disclosed that except on some few occasions, state and local government officials never came to the streets.
“They only come to Ade Festus occasionally; like during the recent house numbering exercise”, she said.
A pastor of Christ Apostolic Church on Araromi Street also explained that because of the bad state of the streets, cars coming into the streets could not assess it to the end.
The clergy man disclosed that the open compound of the church was sometimes used as public car park.
He however revealed that rehabilitation work had been embarked upon some months ago.
In his words, ‘some months back, the government took some steps towards rehabilitating Araromi and some surrounding streets. It was a good step, but more still needs to be done”.
Residents interviewed commended the efforts of the Osun State government for coming to the aid of Osogbo residents in clearing the many blocked drainages surrounding the state capital.
Ajobo Street located some metres away from the popular CatholicHospital, Jaleyemi had all the entire portion of it eroded.
A landlord; Mr. Adebayo urged the authorities to help residents of the area.
He revealed that the undulating nature of the road had rendered the extreme end of the street unusable and impassable.
According to him, whenever it rains, “the water usually flows downwards towards the end of the streets.
The landlord attributed the bad state of some of the streets in the neighbourhood to bad engineering works by the contractor and supervision by the authorities.
“The state of some of the streets are mainly due to the bad engineering works by the contractors, who constructed them and because also during the period of construction, government supervisors too were not doing their jobs as expected”, he lamented.
Mr. Adebayo, who disclosed that he had resided on Ajobo Street for close to forty years, however revealed that things took a turn for the worse within the last eight years.
He disclosed that many representations were sent to the government during the last administration, but none of them was treated.
He also pleaded with the residents to exercise patients as he believed that the government of Mr. Rauf Aregbesola would effect a positive change in the area.
The landlord pointed out that the actions of Mr. Governor in the past months were a pointer to this.

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  1. The terrible state of roads in Osogbo is not well depicted by the above article, i wish to call the attention of the populace to a big community called Iludun at the back of OSBC TV/RADIO at Oke-Baale , a few Kilometres to osogbo local government secretariat, and the home of Osun state Deputy speaker. Sir, during rainy season, the residents of this area normally abandon the exit route trough Atimowa street, to take another road well decorated with ‘human made lakes” or Pot holes. WEll there is an exit and an entry road to the community, lecticity supply is a taboo for the people. Despite the facts that PHCN keeps bringing Bills for Light the resident never enjoyed. Armed Robbers normally have free day. Poor man dey suffer, but we believed one day our problem will be solved. Ogbeni Aragbe , please I beg remember us at Ummurah (lesser Hajj).

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