OSBC, NEWSTALK And The Perversion Of Democracy In Nigeria

Awareness of democracy is no more new throughout the world. It is a tested and trusted method of governance that if well managed gives joy to every citizen in any community where it is being practiced. The reason is not far-fetched. You decide what you want for yourself from available resources that you have. And hence, no one would complain since you know your share is a function of what is available as you are part of decision making.

This can only work in a society where democracy is not militarilized. A liberal democracy is always flexible and sweet. It shows the beauty of co-existence of human being. It shows how man appreciates God and values one another on the surface of the earth.

However, Nigeria’s democracy is in contrast from what is practiced in a well-organised society. In democracy, you can decide the ways of doing things by yourself. But this must be in compliance with standard of existence. So far in Nigeria, there is nothing we come across that we do not pervert. Perversion of democracy in any society is equal to dehumanisation of the people, the rule of law as well as the environment where all these exist.

Great leaders in developed countries love their countries and give their citizens programmes that would stand the test of time. What many people in under-developed countries enjoy in developed countries they run to today are the products of selfless labour of those countries’ great leaders. Most people that are ruling us in this country are not leaders but bosses. And they have forgotten that nobody needs a boss but a leader.

A great leader creates opportunities for others rather than looking for opportunitiesfor himself. Most people in power in this country only look for power to oppress and witch-hunt their fellow citizens. That is why they are not part of good history. They formulate ideas to suit their personal ambition. For example, former Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida had no good intention with how he conducted June 12 election that gave victory to the late Basorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola.

It was when he discovered his bad thought had led to good ideas and blessings for this country but would not benefit him and his sadists on the corridors of power that the most acceptable election in the history of Nigeria was annulled. There and then, we noticed cancellation of the two-party system. Our Nigerian bosses then introduced multi-party system as the way out for the entrenchment of their oppressive tendencies after the failure of the unpopular Interim National Government headed by Chief Ernest Shonekan. All these gave birth to where we are today; the issue of April 14, 2007 elections.

In Osun State, we witnessed the repeat of June 12 election when people voted massively without any tribal or religious bias for Engineer Rauf Aregbesola, the cadidate they trust. The April 14, 2007 ‘democracy’ was perverted by the “boss” of Osun State by using every criminal act he could think of. We witnessed manipulation of peoples’ interest with the use of arms and ammunition as if we were fighting war in the pre-election days.

During the elections and after the elections, there was uneasy calm and the atmosphere was charged with panic here and there. It started with blackmailing and harassment of the Governorship Candidate of the Action Congress (AC), Engineer Rauf Aregbesola. Just because of his selfish interest, the “boss” claimed Aregbesola did not hail from Osun State knowing fully well that he (Aregbesola) only has business base in Lagos. Can Oyinlola boast of any of his well-known business affliation in Osun State order than his ego as the son of one Olokuku. He forgot that his father has gone with his own history. Rather than facing the reality of his life and plan for good legacy, he got engrossed in character assassination like his counterpart in America, Senator John McCain.

Having heard the news of how Obama became the first Africa-America President, he was unhappy because his conscience was pushing him. That led to his falseful congratulation of Obama as the best that could happen to democracy. Is this tyrant boss behaving as he is saying? Even, if we say he behaves like the Republican candidate in terms of character assassination, why did he (Oyinlola) not congratulate Engineer Rauf Aregbesola, as done by American Republican candidate in 2008 presidential election, having won April 14, 2007 election convincinly despite all harassment?

This was the honourable road Oyinlola should have followed rather than embarking on stage-managed election rigging strategy meeting in Ede on the eve of April 14, 2007 elections designed to construct the highway to manipulation of democracy.

Some of his mouthpieces did not even help matters. They penetrated most media houses with their stinking ideas to derail democracy by exposing Osun people who are in dire need of CHANGE to spread falsehood. Instead of reporting what happened in its true picture in the court of law and backed up with accurate societal feeling, they decided to do all things that would please thier boss. Alas! How much couldthey have been given to be doing these? They come to clap and look in this world rather than being the actors. It is a pity. They have forgotten that it is God Almighty that gave them that source of income and not Oyinlola, a mere mortal.

Most often, OSBC which ought to be standing by the people and for the people of Osun State has shamelessly been associating with what the indignity of Oyinlola’s government. Ichallenge them to carry out an independent post-elections opinion pool as done by CNN and other well known institutions in the world to feel the pulse of Osun State people as to who they want as Governor of Osun State without bias even with error marging of +10%. That was how these syncrophants rubbished Oyinlolainthe eyes of the whole world before, during and after the April 14, 2007 election. He failed woefully. He cannot deny this, he knows. One of these manifested itself not long ago when it was announced that one young lady that had the best result in 2008 JAMB examination was from Osun State.

Then, newstalk desk of OSBC was appraising Oyinlola’s government education system on this platform. They do not think before they write or air any of thier views. They need external consultants and to be more seasoned professionally in their jobs. Before Oyinlola’s government can claim this success, some questions have to be answered. Which secondary school in the state under the control of Oyinlola’s government did the child go? Was it Fakunle Comprehensive High School, St. Charles or Okuku Grammar School? There is nothing bad in associating this pride of Osun State since the said student is of Osun origin.

Our boss is looking for pride, not for the state, but for himself. Who is the life chairman of Centre for African Culturerecently approved by UNESCO? Our boss, of course Why did he aspireto bethe life chairman of the centre when he knows that there is a future in Osun State where the name of Oyinlola will become an anathema? Those are some of the characters of a Boss and not a Leader. People elect leaders and they live to stand the test of time but boss imposethemselves like a yoke on the people. As soon as they are abletothrowthei yokes away, such bosses are confined to the dustbin of history.

Recently again, from the OSBC early morning balder-dash called newstalk, precisely November 10, 2008 the writer was blind in comparing American politicians with Nigerians. He analysed how Nigerian opposition parties contested election results at the tribunals with millions of naira. He claimed in his myopic opinion that such challenges never yield any result after all. This is another way of perverting democracy and justice. He emphasised on the ‘effect’ and not the ‘cause’.

He failed woefully to tell the world what normally leads to going to the court to contest election result. Do we need to send him to America to know how elections that see to the winning of Obama was conducted? It is very annoying and disheartning to hear some charlatans with undue accesstothe nation’s airwaves talking about what is greater than them. Anyway, Nigerian citizens have fundamental rights to say whatever they like in this ‘direction’. No one will ever contest the result of a free and fair election.

If we may ask these myopic commentators “how much are you collecting to sell your conscience and birthright to write on what fails the test of time? Is it complusory you write on newstalk?” You are also part of the negative forces against Nigeria’sdemocracy and freedom. Those that are actually at the center of Nigerian problems would never talk directly and fortrightly on issues. They play hide and seek but will end up in the belly of the truth very soon. How many times did you hear Ibraheem Babangida speaking in his true colour since he left power? Can you tell the world what has been Obasanjo’s open reaction to Obama’s Election?

No wonder why our reckless and turpentine local Professor Maurice Iwu, INEC boss, openly disgraced himself by asking Americans to come and learn some things on Nigerian electoral system. Surely, Iwu and the likes need psychiatric test. Iwu must explain to the whole world what Americans need to learn in Nigerian democracy. Is it manipulations, criminalism or delay of results? He must tell the whole world.

We advice the OSBC to try to be professional in their analyses and refrain from running short-sighted and bias commentaries that give them away as clowns and little minds. These tough times, like pastor paul Yongi Cho writes, will never last but the tough people of Osun State will outlast their oppressors. OSBC should stop contributing to the destruction of democracy in Nigeria. We must all strive to build it up and support it. OSBC must realisethat the position occupied by Oyinlola, their boss today is ephemeral. It will soon expire.


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