Opportunities And Opportunists

IF a stubborn fellow, who desires a considerable height could not find his way, as nature would have it, he says, he is a short man devil with an indomitable spirit.

Before I launch the salvo for this week, I shall greet the Muslim brethren all over the world in the most pleasantly complimentary way of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), may the peace of Allah be upon Him and His households; Asalam Alay kun Waramotulahi, Wabaraka tuhu!

I celebrate the new moon with my people, the people of Nigeria, the people of the South-Western states and particularly, the good people of Osun State.

Ramadan, according to Islamic teachings, promises to be educative, for it teaches perseverance, fruitful relationship, the metamorphoses of life from poverty to riches, between the lowly and the highly. It closes the doors of hell and opens the windows of paradise. It teaches us to live and let live.

In this month of Ramadan, God revealed Himself to Prophet Mohammad (SAW) through the Holy Quran, the great book. Allah bequeathed the night of destiny (Lailaitul Qudar) to mankind. Faith and submission to the will of Allah seem to enjoy a space in the hearts of men and women this time.

Why would I not extol the virtue of Ramadan, when I know that an irresponsible drunk will suddenly turn a responsible husband, the night crawlers would go on holiday, a source of joy to their households, and nasty wives would have cause to live in peace with their husbands. If I have my way, I shall appeal to Allah to please allow Ramadan to be living with us permanently.

It is a pity, it is a one-month ritual. Having appraised the gains of Ramadan in brevity, we shall look into our community and find out why some people cannot quit their disgusting habits, despite the master qualities of Ramadan fasting.

This week, I intend to speak on the opportunity and the opportunists. My elderly friend and comrade fellow, Barrister Segun Sango, while we were discussing recently about characters of our politicians said: “You will not know an opportunity”. He made me to understand that most people in the corridors of power are mere opportunists, who are out to cash in on the opportunities.

One opportunist that readily came to mind, when I was reflecting over the pregnant phrase of Sango is Mr Niyi Owolade, Osun State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice. The onus of proof lies on me.

Owolade, a lawyer born in Ifetedo, Ife-South Local Government Council Area of Osun State never ceased to amaze me with his crass opportunism, and he garnishes it with sheer arrogance. Leave it to him, the commissioner deserves a propaganda commission, where ministry of sycophancy could fit in properly.

Owolade granted an interview with one unknown journal in Ile-Ife. Out of the 50 copies the journal published, an avid reader of OSUN DEFENDER got one and sent it to our office in Osogbo. Though, it was poorly written, riddled with unpardonable errors, lack of aesthetics standard and suggestive of yellow journalism, the meat of the interview nevertheless ran Owolade into a press war, strictly between him and OSUN DEFENDER. While we shall expect more salvos from him, we promised to give him back in his dose.

For the sake of fair hearing, I shall reecho Owolade’s diatribe against us and I promise equally to be modest with him in my response.
Owolade reportedly said that OSUN DEFENDER wrote trashes about him, citing the embarrassment he suffered in court, when one of the Action Congress (AC) witnesses pointed at him during the proceedings, that he led a horde of thugs that snatched ballot boxes in Ifetedo violently; denying the reality of the situation.

Owolade denied that he kept some money in the account of his deceased brother in South Africa, saying that we did not even respect his deceased brother.

The lawyer without a law chamber to the best of my knowledge, crowned his goof with an utter insinuation that could only be attributed to Al-Capone in the Hollywood movie, saying that OSUN DEFENDER has no address, meaning we are not traceable.

I shall dignify the honourable Attorney –General with some answers at the risk of being immodest: One, the tribunal scene, Owolade has forgotten so soon that the proceedings were conducted in the full glare of the battery my lord’s tantrum of lawyers in court.

I am pleased, he said, that he had gone to court with the tribunal proceedings to prove his innocence, but let no one tells me he was referring to the morally bankrupt Thomas Naron tribunal’s proceedings, because heaven knew that the tribunal lacked integrity.

On Owolade’s deceased brother and the alleged money trapped in South Africa, he could not even offer an explanation that could pooh-pooh the said story in OSUN DEFENDER. In his ignorance, he did not decipher that we did not mention names or attribute the story to him. So, how did he arrive at the ignorant conclusion that the story was for him and his deceased brother?

The laughable point of no specific address for OSUN DEFENDER which was insinuated by the political whore called Owolade stirred some puzzles in me. I was compelled to ask myself some questions: Has Owolade ever practiced as a lawyer before he was appointed the political commissioner for justice? Does he relate to people at all aside from his friends at drinking joints? Because he ought to have found out our address the editorial page. Better still, he could have spoken to us on our telephone numbers boldly written in the pages of our newspaper.

I am amazed at the level of his hypocrisy, because we, (Owolade and I) met at the rally of the Electricity Workers Union in May. I could still recollect that my brother, Goke Omigbodun, Special Adviser to Osun State Government introduced me to him (Owolade) and he honestly expressed his disgust about our reports, but I could not figure out any sign of seriousness from him that day. One more thing , he never asked for our address; but I am sure he can always get it from Omigbodun.

Omigbodun is a brother and friend, he has been our guest for a number of times, he had been interviewed in our office and I recalled that he duly informed us in OSUN DEFENDER’s office, when he was heading for his new-found party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

It was also reported that Owolade and the former OSUN DEFENDER editor , Mr Kola Olabisi now managing editor had a shouting-match at the premises of the Osun State High Court in Osogbo, the venue of the first election petitions tribunal, when the former was trying to throw a jibe, the latter returned it with audacious salvo. So, let no one be deceived about the anonymity of OSUN DEFENDER being peddled around by Owolade.

Oh! Are we still discussing the opportunity and opportunists? One day, a script writer will want to write a play on the above title, I suggest the character of Mr Niyi Owolade should be used, especially on his political merry-go- rounding and his verbal diarrhoea.