OPEN LETTER to Aregbesola from Falilat Olaniyan – A MUST READ


Dear Engr Aregbesola,
I don’t know if you read my 1st two letters ( Oct 12, 2010 & Oct 2,2011) but l’m writing you again because your policy and actions are in line with my dream. I thank God, we have someone that gives us hope amidst despair.
I would like to congratulate you on your re-election as the Governor of Osun State. I’ve not been to Osun State, but the feedback of your work from people around me, is encouraging. Your opening statement on August 12, 2014 propel me to write you again.

Before your speech l was thinking l would include in my next letter that you should turn Osun State in to a Mini Dubai but since your transformation template is already in line with that of Dubai I fervently pray that you succeed in all your endeavors. Your success will be a practical example to our people not only to other Yoruba States but to the whole nation that we can truly be a GREAT nation if both the leaders and every one of us are committed to developing our nation.

Rauf Aregbesola

I understand you are already working on Education, Agriculture Road network,Health etc but please do away with the National grid rubbish of the Federal government and build an entire new system of Electricity supply & water generation, l think you could also look in to processing waste into cooking gas as all these can be sources of revenue generation to Osun State, although can be capital intensive. Training graduates to be able to handle engineering works like you’re doing for agriculture will reduce the cost, ensure that the structures are maintained and at the long run these kind of projects will also attract investors.

There is also need a for you to look into an alternative Security measures.
Please put in place structures such that future governors of Osun State can not overturn but build on.

Once again l say Congratulation! And more grease to your elbow.

Best Wishes
Falilat Olaniyan