Opadokun throws another bomb at Jonathan, PDP…you need to read this


President Goodluck Jonathan
The Convener, Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reform, Mr. Ayo Opadokun, and a member of the Kwara State House of Assembly, Mr. Hassan Oyeleke, have described the donation of N21.27bn to President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign as insensitive, an eyesore and a degeneration of national values.

They stated that it violated the Electoral Act, adding that the culprits should be punished according to the law.

They spoke on Thursday in an interview with journalists on the sidelines of the annual congress of the Offa Students’ Union.

Opadokun said it was sheer insensitivity to the plight of Nigerians that such a whooping amount would be raised for Jonathan’s campaign when many states had not paid their workers’ salaries.…check this out

Noting that a lot of infrastructure and institutions in the country were collapsing, he called on Nigerians to fight for good governance and the development of the country.

Opadokun said, “Such a donation is an establishment of degeneration of our national values. It is a violation of the electoral law. Who will prosecute them? Any government should not have allowed such iniquity to happen. It is too much of an eyesore.

“Almost 24 states in Nigeria today cannot pay their salaries in the last two months and yet these public officers are collecting N21bn for presidential election. There is too much deceit and they are not even thinking wisely. Who do they want to impress that they organised a fund raiser? …You need to read this

“Money is not everything. The huge amount that they have budgeted for that election will fail them, because it appears that Nigerians are ready for a change. They cannot be governed continuously in this way.

“If Nigerians are ready to take their destiny in their hands, they must go democratically and put a strong action to demand that these people should surrender.

“I went to jail several times in the struggle to return democracy to Nigeria. We thought that after that struggle, after we have sent the military packing; the people that will take over government will work for the interest of our people but that is not what is happening. Look at the infrastructure, there are in terrible mess.”

He also alleged that there was injustice, unfairness and inequity in the allocation of resources and personnel by successive Kwara State governments.

Oyeleke said the whopping donation to Jonathan’s campaign fund wassheer impunity, adding that the donors and organisers of the fund raiser violated the Electoral Act.

“It shows the level of our legal development and everything. It appears that the situation now is worse than the late (Gen. Sani) Abacha that we were saying was the worst. The constitution says maximum for presidential campaign expenditure is N1bn. They have Attorney General; the president has been there for nothing less than six years, they cannot claim not to be aware of the Electoral Act…check this out

“They are celebrating the donation of over N21bn. It is sheer impunity, In fact, it is an impeachable offence.”
…check this out


7 thoughts on “Opadokun throws another bomb at Jonathan, PDP…you need to read this”

  1. Dear uncle Ayo,it is well to hear from you again,strugle continue sir,God that deliver nigerians from Abacha never stop working,21 billion naira can’t save PDP, nigerians will vote them out come 2015.God Bless Nigeria.

  2. Thanks to all Nigerians we are all wised they thought they can still deceived Nigerian as usual they are already opened there secrete there’s know hidden agenda for them anymore we hv seen them for what they are we know that the money was prepared to buying each state according to their populations they hv failed woeful nothing for them year 2015 workers are not paid but they get huge amount for just ordinary campaign criminals exile is there home they will soon run away their day’s number greedy human being.

  3. If APC had the opportunity to raise such amount of money every body will say that it is evidence of the support nigerians have for APC.they are crying because it is PDP .

  4. 21.1b naira! To be wasted in wooing disenchanted Nigerians .
    Please let us keep educating our people to collect their money and vote against them …that money alone is enough to solve bolo Haram wahala .It is enoigh to empower the restless and jobless youth.

  5. Emmyclinton,try to understand what the law is saying here,we understand some individual are richer than govt in nigeria,but the law of the land said that no one should go and buy Mr,presdent up.Bcs after the election both president and nigerians will be envelope and pocketed by the donors.GOD FORBID.Emmyclinton,think deep.

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