Ola-Oluwa PDP Leaders Accuse SSG Of High-handedness

WITH the lack of honesty and integrity openly demonstrated all the time by the chieftains of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State, the party members have expressed their dissatisfaction and threaten to rock the boat.

The PDP chapter in Ola-Oluwa local government council area last weekend made known, at a forum in Ogbagba the council headquarters, expressed their disgust at the manners the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Fatai Akinbade who is also from the council area run the affairs of the council from Bola Ige House, the seat of government, in Osogbo the state capital.

Physical projects to be embarked upon by the council and the contract costs for the projects are said to be determined and dictated by the SSG, while the lot to prioritize the welfare packages for staff as occasions demand also falls on Akinbade.

Party chieftains in the area are said to be particularly irked by the unbounded interference in the political patronages, and horse-tradings immediately after the charade local government council elections held last December.

The SSG is accused of having everything in the party at the council level, all to himself and nothing for any other person within the party, and the signals presently are that party leaders and elders in the area have vowed to begin to work at cross purpose with the party.

“Let me tell you that major policy decisions that affect or may affect our local government, its staff or the grassroot people in the council jurisdiction are taken by Fatai Akinbade together with a handful of bootlickers within the party, and we see this development as anti – democracy.

“Honestly we have passed the stage when one person, who erroneously sees himself as a tin-god would identify an option and alternative options, process them and arrive at final option or options which he considers good for the rest of us,” a party chieftain who would not have his name in prints, told OSUN DEFENDER.

Efforts made to speak on phone with the SSG on the mater did not pay off, as he was said to be too busy with the backlog of files on his table due to his long absence from office.

It would be recalled that Akinbade had been the guest of the Economic Finance Crime Commission (EFCC) recently in Abuja.

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