Okupe Accuses Osinbajo Of Peddling Falsehood

the senior special assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on public affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe,

Doyin Okupe, former senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity, has accused Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo of propagating “absolute falsehood” with his recent claim that the federal government did not build a single road in the last 10 years.

Osinbajo made the statement on Friday during his speech at the retreat of pastors of the Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos.

But responding on Sunday, Okupe said it was unfortunate that someone like Osinbajo, whom he holds in high esteem, could make such “blunder”. “This statement is a lie and an absolute falsehood. Many people have said so. But this is not why I am writing this,” Okupe wrote on Facebook.

“It was a wrong statement made in a wrong place and before a wrong audience. This is perhaps one of the most difficult posts I have made to date. “Yemi Osinbajo and I have a few things in common. He is a professional in politics like me. He is a practising Christian and a revered Pastor. I am a practising Christian and an aspiring Evangelist. We both are alumni of Igbobi college, Yaba, Lagos. “His younger brother and mine were classmates at Igbobi and are both pastors of the fountain of life church, Ilupeju, where I became grounded in Christianity under the mentorship of the celebrated and revered man of God, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

“My concern is the erroneous assumption that just because the VP is a Christian therefore every christian is APC. The church must also be sensitive and mindful of the danger in bringing politics into the church.

“For Prof Osinbajo, if only he remembered the Igbobi college motto ‘omnes unum in domino’ meaning ‘all are one in the Lord’, he would not have committed such a blunder. Our God is God of APC, PDP, Labour etc

“Having said this, the VP is someone I hold in very high esteem and he knows this. I am also proud of his role in this administration.”

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2 thoughts on “Okupe Accuses Osinbajo Of Peddling Falsehood”

  1. This is unfortunate because this man is pretending to be grounded in Christianity. ” Ka ro ejo eni rere faraiye gbo ka ro ti ika ni awujo” The church is not even the world it is just a group. What the VP was saying was just an extension of what the development indices of Nigeria have shown by different agencies gathering such information be it in Nigeria and overseas.
    What our prospective evangelist was saying ( we would use capital E when he becomes one ) was that the church is no more a place to tell the truth but it is a very good place for presidents to go overtly or covertly when elections are around the corner.
    The question the evangelist failed to respond to was ” was there any new roads built during the administration of PDP , where and how many kilometers? ” Whether you respect him or not or whether you are related in whatever form is just a distraction and if what he said was the truth , truth has no domain it is universal and Doyin should come to understand that from ikoko dudu eko funfun will come out. From the preaching of the church however bitter it may me there must emanate from it the impact of such preaching in the performace of duties whether in governance or other endeavor.
    We are waiting to see which church will ordain distortionist like our DO as an evangelist

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