Ogbulafor, PDP Are Threat To Democracy And Justice

The Alliance of Collaborating Political Parties (ACPP) in Osun State views with seriousness the recent media comments by Prince Vincent Ogbulafor that internal disharmony within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caused the verdict of the Court of Appeal to favour Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and the Action Congress (AC).

We of the ACPP declare that the reaction of Ogbulafor to the verdict of Justice Umar Abdullahi-led Appeal Court panel is a sign of frustration on the part of the leadership of the ruling party to pervert the course of justice.

Ogbulafor was apparently thinking aloud when he told a shocked and bewildered nation that the division within his Edo State chapter of the PDP was responsible for the loss to the Action Congress (AC) at the Court of Appeal meaning that if the PDP was united, there was no way the Court would have ruled against the ruling party.

We hold that the statement emanated from the usual thinking in the PDP founded on the belief that the ruling party is capable of perverting the course of justice, corrupt due process, abridge the independence of the judiciary, harass independent-minded judges and in the process, turning whatever is black to white and change the destiny of others with impunity as it happened in several states of the federation especially in Rivers State in the case of Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

ACPP is happy that the PDP national chairman has let the cat out of the bag and revealed various underground efforts of his party being made to frustrate justice at all levels.

In the case of Edo State, we are happy to note that all the evil plans to subvert the course of justice and democracy through large scale manipulation of the electoral process came to an unusual verdict.
PDP, being an octopus, has left no one in doubt that it is a huge castle of fraud and colossal manipulation without internal democracy that could assist it in guiding Nigeria to reach the harbour of destiny.

From what Ogbulafor has said, every discerning mind will decipher that the PDP value system is established on an evil pedestal where fair is foul and foul is fair.

PDP has confirmed that rather than operate within the laws of Nigeria, it revels in the feeling and attitude that Nigerian judges are purchasable at their beck and call as it happened in Osun State whereby lawyers representing it made strenuous efforts and succeeded in compromising the integrity of the tribunal to get favourable verdicts.

We call on all Nigerians to arise to the defence of democracy and the dispensation of justice so as to halt the trend whereby the ruling party harass judges to give underserved favourable rulings to members of the ruling party while members of other political parties bear the brunt of injustice foisted on them.

Ogbulafor and his co-travellers in the PDP must not be allowed to threaten and truncate our nation’s democratic process.

Surely, Ogbulafor knows more than he said in that interview and Nigerians must demand from him greater explanation on how the PDP has been manipulating the nation’s judicial process till date. We want to warn the PDP and Ogbulafor that there must be no reprisal attack against any of the judges who decided the Edo State Governorship Election Petition and Appeal.

If anything untoward should happen to the judges, Ogbulafor and the PDP will be held responsible for it.

Comrade Waheed Lawal                   Comrade Rufus Oyator

Asst. Secretary                                     Secretary

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