No Power Separation In Osun-Research

•Legislature Lays Back On Oversight Functions   • Judiciary Manipulated

Separation of Power in Osun State Government appears to have secured a back seat in the state for
the analytical result of the research conducted by OSUN DEFENDER, has shown that the executive arm has succeeded in holding the independent string of the legislature and the judiciary.

According to the research with a five per cent marginal error, the oversight functions of the state lawmakers have not impacted much on some projects earmarked by the executive as pro-people’s projects, a situation that has compelled political observers to write them off (lawmakers).

Thus, the executive flout of the earmarked projects remains unchecked, as the state parliament seems to have slept on their oversight functions.

Findings further showed that the independence of the judiciary in the state has also raised some questions, as undue interference from the executive could not be waved aside, going by the way the magisterial divisions are allegedly being used to rail-road the leaders of the opposition into prisons.

Investigations on budget monitoring in the state have exposed the lay back of the state lawmakers, who are supposed to keep an eagle eye on budget implementation in letter and spirit as an oversight function, but failing due to the brain washed consultations of the executive on some issues.

Checks also revealed that some projects that were prioritized in the last two years’ budgets have not attained the standard of being walked over, let alone being packed aside like an abandoned smoking vehicle.

OSUN DEFENDER’s investigative torch was beamed on the railway crossings across the state, that got N20million from 2007 budget, but are still in deplorable condition, a situation that has become a regular nightmare for motorists that must ply the routes on daily basis.

Our reporter who went round the routes with railway crossings, observed that the N20million voted for rehabilitating the small portions of the railway line across the state was a complete fraud, as there was nothing to show as work done for the budgetary vote.

At Orita-Olaiya railway crossing in Osogbo, the state capital, the hell motorists are daily experiencing has become another source of concern for avoidable traffic snarl at the spot.

An interesting observation from our reporter is that the state Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola must pass through the terrible condition of the crossings daily, if he is not out of the state, suggesting that he deliberately ignores the condition of the crossings across the state.

If the state lawmakers are claiming ignorance of the terrible condition of the railway crossing across the state, upon the N20million budgetary vote, the Drug Manufacturing Company widely celebrated by the governor in so many fora has become a moribund project and there was no single finger of protest from the state lawmakers.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the building that was constructed for the drug firm has been taken over by reptiles, which relish in the bushy environment that has formed a perimeter fence for the structure; there is nothing to show the dissatisfaction of the lawmakers over the abandoned project that has drained millions of naira of the tax payers.

However, political pundits have contended that the politicking in the parliament bordering on selfish pursuit has beclouded the zeal for over-sight functions.

Citing the case of an Ife high chief who doubles as a chieftain of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chief Gunju Adesakin’s contract scam, investigation was in good order, political pundits are of the opinion that it was however disappointing that the result of the investigation has been compromised due to the interference from above.

Besides, the judiciary seems to have caught the bug, as some of their rulings have raised more dust lately, for the courts are always in a hurry to railroad the opposition leaders in prisons custody on charges that are bailable.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the Osogbo magisterial division was worst hit in the compromise bug, as the temple was reportedly thoroughly messed-up by the ex-Chief Magistrate Jide Falola who could not hide his ill-feeling for the opposition leaders each time they appeared before him; when he was a presiding magistrate.

Falola, now the Chief Registrar, Osun State Customary Court of Appeal was said to have done several dirty jobs for the embattled governor, who was smarting from the electoral battle in which, he is still enmeshed in controversy.

Instead of turning a new leaf, the magistrate court further flourishes in perceived compromised position and tongues are now wagging that one Magistrate Olapoju Akintayo has elected to continue with Falola’s controversial assignment.

Though, the Speaker, Osun State House of Assembly, Honourable Adejare Bello has recently threatened to look into the eye of the executive for not funding the assembly to a standard that could enhance the legislative duty, political pundits have expressed doubt about the efficacy of the threat, arguing that the house has lost its respect via constituency projects booby traps.

Reacting, the national Coordinator of Peoples Welfare League (PWL), Mr. Biodun Agboola has expressed his dissatisfaction about the budgetary vote for railway crossings, saying that it was a fraud.

“I highlighted railway crossings project in 2007 project and we in the PWL spoke against it because it was a fraud and that is the situation now, said Agboola.

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