NJC Probe: PDP Is A Party Of Liars – Iwo Council Boss

The Chairman, Iwo Local Government Council Area of Osun State, Mr Kamardeen Alao, has said that the exoneration of the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Isa Salami, of judicial misconduct has again proved the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a party of liars.
He stated that the petition filed by the ousted governor of Osun State, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola; his Ekiti State counterpart, Mr Segun Oni and the Acting Osun State Chairman of the PDP, Mr Sunday Ojo-Williams, was aimed at nothing other than to seek relevance through their “concocted call-logs” after they have been sacked from  their various offices.
It would be recalled that the NJC panel had last week dismissed the petition filed by the trio, petition filed by the trio, describing it as baseless, just as the panel discountenanced the purported call-log because it proved no link between any Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) leader and Salami or any of the judges that handled the governorship petitions in Osun and Ekiti states.
According to him: “We know from onset that the said call-log was a concocted one and we have been vindicated now”, saying that the PDP was only using a bold face after its representatives in the government of the South-West have been sent packing.
“When our party uncovered the call-log of Justice Thomas Naron and Kunle Kalejaiye, who was a lawyer to Oyinlola during the hearing of Osun governorship case, none of them, up till today, have been able to prove us wrong. The panel set up by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to look into the matter even indicted Kalejaiye and up till now, he could not deny it.
“Our own call-log was authenticated by the MTN, but theirs was denied by the giant mobile telecommunication company through which they claimed that the call-log was received. That shows that they are deceitful”, he added.
Alao, who lauded the NJC for the thorough job done on the petition, said that the council had again proved to the whole world that no matter how long, truth would eventually prevail.
Wondering why the judicial body showed much interest on the petition filed by the PDP and its leaders against ACN leaders and Salami, the council boss challenged the NJC to dust the petition indicting Justice Naron and Kalejaiye over their alleged telephone conversations during proceedings and make the reports of its finding known to the public.
He stated that getting to the roots of the matter would again show to the whole world that the judicial body was not pursuing the agenda of the PDP and its cronies.

One thought on “NJC Probe: PDP Is A Party Of Liars – Iwo Council Boss”

  1. I dont understand how an educated man, deemed fit enough to be a Council Boss will make a statement like this. Let me start by saying that there are good and bad people in all the parties. For one, I am aware of a celebrated Afenifere Leader, who is well celebrated by the ACN, but he has destroyed more Yorubas than most. He has children all over and has never accepted his responsibilities as a father. Some of the children have grown up without any input from the said ex-Senator. How can one call himself a Yoruba leader, when he has demonstrated that he is not an OMOLUWABI. If you can not take care of your Children, how care you take care of Yoruba Children. In a civilized environment, a lot of the so called leaders would never be taken seriously.

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