Nigerians Are Yet To Attain Independence – PWL

As Nigeria is celebrating her 51st independence anniversary, an Osun State-based socio-political group, the Peoples Welfare League (PWL), has said that Nigerians were yet to attain independence considering their living standard and the economy of the country.

According to the state coordinator of the group, Comrade Biodun Agboola, Nigerians would be independent when they are free from hunger, poor roads, unemployment and abysmal education system.
Agboola, while speaking with OSUN DEFENDER last Monday, on the 51st anniversary of Nigeria’s independence, said the level of poverty in the country is inconsistent with Nigeria’s huge resources and the huge expectations of better life that should come with democratic governance.
He stated that hunger, unemployment, high cost of education, are serious threats to the nation’s security, adding that, there is nothing to celebrate for the independence, when hundreds of Nigerians are dying as a result of lapses in the current security system of the country.

The group’s coordinator maintained that the insecurity of lives and properties in the society was a result of “accumulated consequences of corruption, injustice, executive lawlessness, political brigandage”.

Agboola further stressed that social insecurity has further been escalated by the insensitivity of the political class, whose mad rush for primitive wealth accumulation, has aggravated the sufferings of the people. He therefore called for urgent political restructuring, saying that it was the only genuine and acceptable way for resolving all germane issues that had been raised by other ethnic nationalities.

According to the coordinator, the Federal Government has grossly disappointed the people of the country, by moving the 51st Independence Anniversary activities to the Presidential Villa, apparently bowing to threats by the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) and Boko Haram.

“What would be the fate of Nigerians, if the Federal Government that has in its custody, all the forces and resources to maintain peace and security across the country could be easily intimidated by terrorist groups?” Agboola asked

He then urged the government to be reasonable in its decision-making and live to the expectations of the masses of the country.

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