The Need For Teachers’ Redistribution

I want to use this opportunity to ask the government of the State of Osun on the need for redistribution of teachers in public schools in the state.

It has been noticed that in some public schools, there are more than enough teachers, while in some, there is a shortfall. The schools that have been at the receiving end of this discovery are the ones at the rural areas.

Since it is difficult for the government to employ more teachers for now due to the economic situation, the government can still do with the ones already on the ground and get the best out of them by ensuring that they are evenly distributed.

It seems that many teachers have cultivated the habit of manipulating their ways, when they are posted to rural areas and this has been affecting the system in the rural areas, hence the need to take action.

While I commend the government for the infrastructural development in the education sector, it will amount to waste of resources if the best is not gotten out of the pupils who should be the direct beneficiaries.

Besides, I commend the government for ensuring effective monitoring of activities in public schools in the state, particularly elementary and middle schools.

It has been established that the government, through SUBEB is doing well in the monitoring of elementary and middle schools, more than the High Schools.

Another established fact is that, in any public establishment, without effective monitoring, civil servants, including teachers naturally show care free attitude to their job, and I must say that this is badly affecting the quality of our education system.

While the SUBEB should strengthen its activities towards monitoring of schools activities at the elementary and middle levels, I want a call on the government to task officials in charge of the High Schools to do the same for the High Schools in the state.