Need For Proper Courtship In Politics

COURTSHIP is usually and more particularly associated with marriages and it’s defined as a period of time (long enough) for people to study each other or of animals that would mate the other to study, understand and attract each other and one another.

It also, in the Longman’s Dictionary of Contemporary English, goes to mention special behaviour, dancing or activity used by the animals to attract one to the other.

This period must also have in mind the allowance to peruse, observe the idiosyncrasies of the animals in question before deciding to mate the other. Attraction is equally essential for birds of the same feather need be to flock together.

Aside from mating, courtship carried to politics, brings people of like minds, ideals and ideas together to form or become members of the same and or different political parties.

The Nigerian example is that these ingredients are not sincerely determinant to bringing people together in political party(ies) belonging. People in various parties in Nigeria are not in parties because of unanimity of ideas, ideals and ideologies but where the wealth-syphoners’ preponderate.

It’s the thinking of political ‘party joiners’ that by so doing when what is the syndrome of vote-rigging facilitated by bags of money bring their party to power, they would benefit materially. Unfortunately, not all these expectations came into being for the joiners of parties in this country when the money-bags come to power because the contribution of each donor to the party so formed take advantage thus leaving the poor ones who join for benefiting sake in the cold after elections.

Before the 2007 elections, there were candidates who surfaced showing interest in one political office or the other. Some showed interest in assembly, governorship, national assembly, presidency in Nigeria. I will want to seal down to Osun State where the gubernatorial seats state assembly national assembly, seats as relevant to here were contested.

In the days of the Action Group/Unity Party of Nigeria were criticized for not allowing fresh joiners to contest elections but those tried, tested and proven candidates. No place for political irredentism. Illiberal as this system looked, when antagonists posed it to be seen as gagging, it’s necessary to allow courtship in political parties so as to allow stability in the polity.

It’s not palatable to allow fresher to join and take office without going through the ranks or else such new comers unused to the party’s policies can fumble, be indisciplined and unwary.

Among the “Feeding bottler” Governorship candidate was one who called himself Imole De. He was said to be floating a doctorate degree certificate as a Medical doctor but which later became invisible to present as demanded. We later discovered that the doctorate degree certificate was just for demonstration sake and not for perusal feasible hence the Action Congress, with its cards of credibility and integrity and tenacity to fielding people who had kept their faiths with the policies of the party, could not give him its gubernatorial flag-bearing ticket.

That’s the crux of the matter. The refusal of the Action Congress to give Dr Oladimeji its ticket marked the beginning of the parting of ways between the “doctor” and the AC and consequently the exfoliation of the characters of the erstwhile doctorate degree certificate holder in his own true colours – thuggery.

We were lucky that events that led to the exit of “Dr” Oladimeji brought the state face-to–face with what could have become another ‘diogenising’ or “folabising” of Osun State polity in the democrats’ clothing.

Thank God that, for merely ‘being refused the governorship ticket, a candidate could no sooner be refused candidature than he shed his “democratic ideals for the reactionary, then Osun State could have had the same kind of governor we now have in the AC candidature or even worse a governor than the incumbent.

For the polity to be sane and stable, it’s advisable that political parties should adopt the progressive policies in fielding candidates for political offices. Courtship will allow the parties to have tested, proven candidates in place as marriages for which courtship is mostly ascribed, would not last if proper one is not given a chance as is needed in politics, too.

Stay together, pontificate together, study one another, experiment, disagree to agree if need be before coming into your parties of choice. It’s in this stratification that the polity will last and people of like minds stratify together.

God save us.