Modakeke Youths Protest Ogunsua’s Treatment

THE breakdown of law and order is looming in Modakeke, Headquarters of Ife East Area Office, as Youths in the area are reportedly poised for a showdown with the legislators and the Area administrator over alleged negligence of the Ogunsua of Modakeke by the area office, OSUN DEFENDER reliably gathered in Modakeke.

To make good their threat, the youths had last week impounded the legislators, official bus and kept it inside the Ogunsua’s palace pending when the legislators and the council boss will attend to the pressing needs of the monarch, the investigation further revealed.

Authoritative sources informed the medium that for the past five months, the monarch’s palace had been in perpetual darkness when the transformer supplying electricity to the palace broke down.

It was further learnt that the Area Administrator, Honourable Rasaq Atitebi had been paying lip service to the welfare of the monarch, a development that infuriated the youths, which led to the impounding of the Area Office’s legislators vehicle.

OSUN DEFENDER’s further investigation also revealed that since the Ogunsua’s allowances had been stopped in 2007, he had therefore appealed to the Area Administrator, Informing him of his welfare and pressing needs, which only received a lip service and remained unattended to – before the youths decided to impound the area office’s legislator bus, as a step to force the political office holders in the community.

Some of the infuriated youths, who spoke with OSUN DEFENDER lamented the care-free attitude of the Area Administrator towards the welfare of the Ogunsua and alleged flagrant misuse of the area office’s wealth.

They added that the neglect of the Monarch in the area office despite the celebration of the so-called peace in the Ife East Area Office is only to score a political game by Oyinlola Administration.

“Peace without commitment to the welfare of the monarch in the community, remains peace in abstention, they chorused.”


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