Mimiko’s Victory: Aregbesola Commends Judiciary

New Governor Mimiko savours victory

The game is over for Vote-Robbers!  Democracy is coming home to roost in Nigeria!

Engr. Rauf Aregbesola, the Action Congress Gubernatorial candidate in Osun State in the April, 2007 elections has applauded the victory of Dr. Segun Mimiko at the Appeal court today.

In His words, Aregbesola said “I congratulate Dr Segun Mimiko, the Labour Party (LP), and all democratic forces in the country, particularly the Court of Appeal, for rising up to its challenge once again at this moment against the threat to the sanctity of universal adult suffrage; the one man one vote.”

He remarked that the victory was for democracy and the spirited people of Ondo state who have kept faith under the abysmal rule of the past administration. He however commended the judiciary for restoring the confidence and the hope of the masses that Themis, the `lady of justice` would have grinned in acceptance of the court’s epochal verdict as an earth-shattering judgement which has been long-expected.

He agreed that the declaration of Mimiko as a governor of Ondo State was a proof that the judiciary was capable of sustaining the ethos of democracy as it has rekindled national confidence in our judicial system. “This victory is for democracy, a victory for the rule of law, a victory for justice, an accolade to the judiciary, the last hope of the victims of injustice, oppression, illegality, banditry and electoral hitch, a triumph of substantial justice over technical injustice.”

He said A new and revolutionary democratic governance is about to begin in Ondo state, and we earnestly hope its represents a new vista of hope for the resurgence of the values of true democracy in such places where electoral robbery took place on 14th April, 2007. “We shall not take a softer line in our efforts to see that Nigeria imbibes, and internalises democratic ethos. To the Dutch soldier who relishes the ecstasy of stolen power, Ondo state has sounded the signal to the end of their coup.

The game is over. Democracy is coming home to roost in Nigeria , a warning to those who forced themselves into power, that their days are numbered. The coup has once again failed”. He added.

More often than not, electorates have always fretted whether their yearnings and aspirations at the polls will be translated to victory, but this verdict has re-affirmed that the judiciary can be relied upon Aregbesola urged the newly elected Governor of Ondo State, Dr Segun Mimiko to pursue people-oriented programmes which will offer a robust platform to deliver good governance to the people.

He further admonished him to settle down without any delay and swing into action. “My good friend in this ennobling struggle for the emancipation of our people, you have waited long enough to earn this milestone judgement. We have no time to waste; we must as a matter of urgency bring the much expected dividends of democracy to our people.

To the good people of Ondo State , I congratulate and appreciate your bravery, bluntness, and doggedness in the face of coercion. I must say without missing a word that your steadfastness has earned all democrats this victory, I give it to YOU.

I know your expectations will be high having gone through those unseemly experiences in the political landscape of Ondo State in the recent past and with the level of deterioration and state of disrepair in our infrastructure development, we must exercise patience, and together support the new governor for speedy end result in due course.

Hope has risen again; our march to freedom is irreversible. We must not allow fear to stand in our way. We must build our democracy principle out of this insipid demagogue of fallacy of mainstream polity which is especially not healthy in a country such as ours, where the vast majority have been systematically denied of their rights to Life.

We must therefore act together as a united people with one voice, for nation building and for the birth of a new world order. Let there be justice for all! Let there be peace for all!” God Bless Ondo State , God Bless Nigeria .

Signed by; Oyintiloye Olatunbosun, Personal Assistant on Media and Public Relations