Let’s All Support Our Leaders

As responsible and virtuous citizens in this country, I believe that despite the current situation we have found ourselves in this country, it is in my view that we are still making progress. What is now required of us is our faith and believe in Nigeria and the administrators of our dear nation.

Many Nigerians believe that the country, due to its present and past experiences cannot get to its destination at all, forgetting that our national motto is unity, peace and progress.

The present Nigeria government under President Muhammadu Buhari has since been receiving blows from several quarters on the expectations that he should have miraculously changed the country with one year. Such characters need be reminded that what had been destroyed for over one decade cannot be rejuvenated within such period of time.

Though, expectations are high, but the government still needs patience, time and support of all Nigerian to succeed in all its endeavours.

However, it is advisable that we should always exercise patience for us to achieve our common goals and dreams. The fight against corruption and indiscipline being led by President Buhari to clean up the system across all sections of governance should be enough signals for us that the government means well.

It should be noted that all the countries we refer to as developed countries of the world, have either gone through period of hardship or still going through it, in term of economy, political, religion and more.

Meanwhile , instead of raining criticism and curses on the people in government, it is better we send our words of encouragement because it is not an easy job to govern a family of five, not to talk of the most populous black nation with over 170 million citizens.

Let’s all have in our minds, the second stanza of the National Anthem’ O God of creation, direct our noble course and guide our leaders right …’

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