Lagos Offers Free Health Screening To Surulere

Residents of Surulere Area of Lagos State, have received free medical screening and counselling.

The free medical screening, which was organised by the council, offered services such as, health education, free eye glasses, screenings for HIV and malaria, free drugs and counselling.

Some of the residents, especially the elderly, who were the main beneficiaries, lauded the State Government for catering for the elderly in the area.

A resident, Mrs Sikirat Adebayo, who was pleased with the health program said she is conscious of her health.

“Although, I regularly go for screening, this offered the our community the opportunity to check our health status.

“I appeal to the government to continue with the programmes such as this, so that many residents, who cannot afford to visit the hospitals can benefit from the services,” she said.

Another resident, a 60-year-old man, Mr Wahab Jimoh, said the free screening was laudable and should be a continuous exercise as part of the government’s efforts to improve health care delivery.

Jimoh said that health should be the priority of every government and it should provide adequate health care for its citizens.

“I appreciate the government for considering the elderly in this exercise because many elderly in the society are neglected.

“Due to the economic challenges, many families struggle to cater for themselves, let alone, their aged parents.

“The elderly struggle a lot and so we need the help of the government to provide assistance for this vulnerable people in the society,” he said.

Similarly, Rafat Adeyemi said that she was grateful for the opportunity to see the health professionals for necessary advice.

“I am here to check my blood pressure because I am well informed about the benefits of checking it regularly.

“I commend the government for its effort to provide free screening for the people; it will go a long way in reducing diseases and increasing health education for all,” Adeyemi said.