Lady Attacked By Rich Boyfriend Who Might Be Above The Law

Police in Bangkok has declared a man wanted for the attack on his two-month old pregnant girlfriend over the weekend. According to reports the man who still hasn’t been named is well known and well connected in Thailand. They intend to go after him to the full extent of the law.

Daily News reported it is the same man who drove his Mini Cooper into three people at the scene of an accident in 2012 and who hit a pedestrian and motorcyclist in his Porsche just last month.

Photos of Jeena covered in blood at a Bangkok police station and later a hospital was posted online by the victim’s elder brother, Khun Shane Rajatabhaiboon.


Shane posted pictures on his Facebook page on Saturday, July 22, calling for the arrest and prosecution of the man who has been romantically involved with his sister for seven months.


Jeena went to Sai Mai police where her brother joined her and was shocked to see her covered in blood and bruises to many parts of her face, legs and arms.


Stories have circulated in the past that the man had tried to buy off one victim to the tune of a million baht.