Kollington Ayinla sells his mansion to raise money for treatment of ‘strange’ sickness

Kollington AyinlaFuji Icon, Kollington Ayinla has put up some of his Alagbado mansions for sale just to raise money in order to cure his ‘strange’ illness.

In a recent interview with Encomium, he said “It’s a strange ailment. It’s spiritual. That’s the best way of describing it. But I thank God that I am still alive. My health condition has been worsened by the poor economic situation of Nigeria, nothing is working. Everything is paralysed. I kept thinking to the extent that I wanted to sell my property. If the government had not turned everything upside down, people like myself are not supposed to be suffering likes this. “

Confirming the sale of his house, he said “It’s true. When you don’t have money, you use whatever you have to get what you want. I don’t have money, and I need money. I can’t just be looking at the building, I can’t eat it. I need to convert it to money. I am only selling part of it and not all the property. I am tired of falling sick all the time. Let me sell my property and have money to do other things. I also want government to assist me; I don’t want to be suffering in silence.

Speaking on how much havoc the strange illness had cost him, he said “In 1984, I established Kollington Fish Depot, at Adura Bus Stop, Lagos Abeokuta Expressway, Lagos. Everything was okay then but later I took ill. It was so bad that I had to sell the depot to take care of health then. May God save us from domestic antagonism.”

Source: Dailystar