Kalejaye gate Is An Albatross On Oyinlola’s Neck

IT is surprising that in spite of the revelation of criminal manipulation of the Osun State Election Petitions Tribunal particularly the one headed by the controversial Justice Thomas Damar Naron, allegedly carried out by Otunba Kunle Kalejaye (SAN), Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola has neither shown remorse nor repentance.

The call logs of Governor Oyinlola, Kalejaye and Justice Thomas Naron published by TheNews magazine last month are too revealing and damning to the integrity of any administration. For Oyinlola to be pretending and carrying on as if nothing happened shows that his conscience is either dead or he lacks moral scruple to realise that the game is over for his inept administration.

In a twist of fate that Oyinlola is complaining that the Action Congress (AC) petitioned against the sleaze he committed. The unavoidable interpretation of Kalejayegate scandal leaves all rational thinkers with the conclusion that it was after the Justice Naron was obviously compromised by Oyinlola’s legal team towards the end of last year that it rejected our application that the world renowned forensic expert, Mr. Adrian Forty be allowed to testify and give evidence in support of the scanning of ballot papers used for the last governorship poll.

IT remained the pattern since the end of last year till the compromised Tribunal refused to disqualify itself and ruled unjustly in favour of Oyinlola against Rauf Aregbesola without considering the mountain of evidence we presented before it.

Governor Oyinlola should realise that it is no longer possible for him to execute his agenda of compromising the judiciary as he did to that of Justice Thomas Naron. As we await the Court of Appeal to decisively deliver its verdict on the electoral malfeasance, vote robbery, murder of AC polling agents by agents of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on April 14, 2007 elections day, we challenge Oyinlola to explain the source(s) of the following ballot papers used by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to rob Engineer Rauf Aregbesola of victory.
The ballot papers are in the following categories:

a. 41 per cent of the 224,695 ballot papers used to declare Governor Oyinlola as winner by INEC were product of incontestable multiple thumb-printing;

b. Ballot papers meant for Ondo State not only questionably found their ways into Osun State but were indeed part of the 426,669 votes credited for the stolen Governor of Osun State;

c. 113,311 ballot papers used to declare Oyinlola by INEC in 10 Local Governments were not supplied by INEC on the Schedule of Distribution of Ballot Papers (Form EC40c/EC25 it release officially. They were completely alien to Osun State;

d. 88,092 ballot papers used to declare Oyinlola were those obtained from split ballot papers used in clear contravention of the Electoral Law, 2006;

e. The forensic examination also revealed that 117,439 ballot papers from the 10 Local Governments that we are challenging were product of ballot box stuffing;

f. Why was Kalejaye, the lead Counsel to Governor Oyinlola calling the Chairman of the Tribunal and other panel members in clear violation of the law?

OSUN Tribunal has been the only one all over the country to reject the scientifically proven forensic evidence which it had earlier ordered to be carried out. No one needs any soothsayer to deduce that a lot of water passed under the bridge of the Tribunal when it became hostile to the course of justice and waged a decisive war on evidence and facts.

Has Governor Oyinlola forgotten that throughout the sittings of the Naron Tribunal, his legal team objected to the subpoena issued on INEC to testify on the elections it conducted? Once the subpoena was brought before the Tribunal, Kalejaye and his comrades in judicial pervertion would object and the Tribunal will rule in their favour.

Kalejayegate scandal has established for posterity that when a Tribunal hides under legal technicality to reject vital evidences as Justice Naron has done in Osun State, the wheel of jurisprudence can no longer grind towards the final point of justice.

WHAT Governor Oyinlola secured on July 15, 2007 was judgement without justice. Kalejayegate scandal has confirmed our suspicion that the Tribunal was compromised and could not have been relied upon to do justice.

Governor Oyinlola must stop laying claims to his blood-soaked mandate and tell the whole world how he won his election in clear contravention of the Nigerian laws and universally accepted democratic practices. The people of Osun State voted for Rauf Aregbesola on April 14, 2007 as their Governor. The impostor should stop complaining that the people of Osun State are demanding justice which Oyinlola’s criminal car gifts have not been able to avert.

Equally, we must let the whole world know that our witnesses have testified on how Governor Oyinlola personally snatched ballot boxes assisted by his aides in Oyan town, Odo-Otin Local Government on April 14, 2007 in clear violation of the Electoral Law, 2006 while his Commissioners including the incumbent Attorney-General, Mr. Niyi Owolade led thugs to disrupt the poll.

For Oyinlola to pretend and carry on as if all is well smacks of treason and commission of crimes against humanity. He must be checked and stopped in his track immediately. He must know that the Kalejayegate scandal; the totality of which proves that Oyinlola lost the 2007 election woefully is an albatross that cannot lead him to victory. He must prepare to face justice that cannot be procured as he did at the Osun Tribunal.


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