Judge Arrested For Beating Policeman To Coma

caricature of a judgeLaw and order suffered a major defeat on Wednesday as a district judge in Osun State, Mr. Olapoju Akintayo threw decorum to the winds, as he pounced on a policeman, Corporal Dada Oluwafemi, that was overseeing his security on weekly posting at his home, like a cat would do to a rodent that goes astray.

However, the state Commissioner of Police, Mr.John Moronike has ordered the arrest of the judge, who may be queried on why he assaulted a man in uniform, and information has it that he was briefly detained while the interrogation lasted on Wednesday.

Further findings revealed that the number of magistrates with hot temperament is on the rise in the judiciary of Osun State, as some of them have remanded suspects in prisons over slight provocation and technicality, which could have been overlooked ordinarily for the sake of justice, while some have taken their partisan approach to the temple of justice.

It was gathered that the judge, who was coming into his residence at New Turn Avenue, along Old Ife Road, Ipetumodu, headquarters of Ife North Local Government Council Area of Osun State, was angry when the policeman refused to open the main gate of his residence.

An eye witness account disclosed that the judges started punching and stabbing the policeman with the sharp edges of his bunch of car keys, which caused a deep laceration on both his head and lower lip.
Not satisfied with the level of injuries inflicted on his victim, the judge started chasing him round his compound and stabbed him again on the left leg, where he sustained a deep cut.

It was also gathered that the judge’s wife who was not in support of the development, at a time used herself as a shield in order to prevent her husband from further battering the policeman, but to no avail, as the rampaging magistrate pushed her away.

“The wife was even invoking the name of one of their children so that the husband could stop beating and assaulting the policeman but without luck”, a source said.

The source explained that when it was apparent that the affected policeman had lost much blood, his partner had to alert his Divisional Police Officer (DPO), who rushed to the scene and eventually rushed the victim to Fiyinfolu Clinic in the town for first aid treatment, before he was referred to the State Hospital, also in the town, where he was given comprehensive medical attention.

OSUN DEFENDER however sighted the embattled judge at the State Police Command, Oke-Fia, Osogbo on Thursday where he was begging the victim not to make an issue out of the incident.

Aggrieved policemen, who were standing in batches at the command were discussing the incident, imploring the Commissioner of Police not to sweep the incident under the carpet.

Their words: “Our CP should take a decisive action on the incident to prevent re-occurrence of same in the future. If the affected judge is not prosecuted, he or some of his colleagues may visit worse persecution on our colleagues. Now is the time for the CP to act”.

It was also gathered that some of the judge’s colleagues, who had come to plead on his behalf had to beat a retreat when it was apparent that he was having a bad case.

It would be recalled that one Magistrate Olalekan Ijiyode recently remanded 24 human rights activists to prison for information disseminated by their lawyer that he learnt about the plot to use the magistrate by the powers that be to incarcerate them in his court.

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