It’s Time For Presidency To Act

When the world shows in all ramifications that it is fast going to an end, it’s not likely that this phenomenon affects Nigeria alone because Nigeria alone is not and does not make the world. If Nigeria alone does not make the world then it stands to reason that the average fair life being enjoyed by people in the other parts of the world should also have a breeze of that comfort blown on Nigeria and Nigerians. Or is the saying of one of the writers for OSUN DEFENDER, that there are only three classes of people in the universe viz: the white, the black and Nigerians to be taken as a gospel truth? No, this should not be true but indications point to near-truth of that assertion and which patriots of this vast and giant country of Africa should wake up to falsify.

Or how can one explain the conspiratorial silence of action since the pre-delivery of July 15 Naron verdict in Osun State that the character involved in the fraud saga are not seen to be called to question or brought to answer for the charges against them by the Nigerian Judicial Council NJC, the Nigerian Bar Association NBA except the non-governmental bodies’ voices we hear speaking on the despicable state of things. Is Nigeria cursed? Is it that the wrongs perpetrated from the top are preventing the relevant agents concerned in bringing the culprits to book from acting. Indeed? Nigeria is sitting on a keg of powder should this conspiracy continue to stalk action.

The first Republic fell when Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, in spite of the roof-fire in the West, refused to see the need to act positively. In the wake of that fracas, he (Balewa) was not spared. What happened then was hardly different from what is being experienced in Osun and some other states in Nigeria today.

I know that it’s not easy to be impartial when the air bier in a case is also a victim of electoral manipulation to power? What’s on ground calls for patriotism and boldness even at the detriment of the kind of elections that brought the Presidency to office because Nigerian nation transcends any individual and his office.

The smoke should not be allowed to inflame before a decisive step is taken on the petitions the AC and other parties’ candidates have in the kitty of the NJC, NBA etc.

It may sound funny to the beneficiaries of the largesse of governance that a plea such as this is being made – the few of them – but a veritable measuring rod of the situation of things is the level of poverty that pervades the state and where a fresh oil, windfall of N9 billion has just again been allocated to the thirty and one LGAs in the state, why should and must the common people be pauperized in the midst of plenty?

For purpose of reference, that Nigeria is calm is no sign that all is well but that she does not engage in violence for all and any slightest provocations.

The late Gen Sani Abacha did not see the signs on the wall that the people were not at ease, and when the peoples anger exploded, he could not contain it until he too was consumed. Even with armoury at his disposal – small. Issues consume the powerful – he got perished with it.

It may not be counted against any leader who got to power via illegality or by fraudulent elections if only he, as a person has his own integrity as Nigerians currently concede to President Umar Yar’Adua, can think of the consequences of imposition of leaders on free citizens that earn retired Olusegun Obasanjo the kind of banters being thrown at him today.

Voices of reason speak and it will be the greatest disservice to the citizenry of Nigeria if these voices that speak do not have allowance for thought by our leaders especially the President. The message should not be lost on us that we have a duty and that duty to shape up or allow the not – very – distant future to shore on us with ignominy.

Mr President Sir, I love this country Nigeria and would love you equally if you can put ineptitude to shame, come off the sloth of inaction, shake off the dull sloth and allow the three arms of government their independence of reasoning and action in matters like we have on hand in some states of Nigeria.

Your decision to let Bakassi Peninsula go is one of the right steps in the right direction. Should you allow the sycophants to sway you off, they would have caused you the wrath of the International Community and, you know, (where their wigs, are) before you know it, they would have vamoosed to neighbouring countries in the event of war. What is left of Nigeria today is more than enough for you to administer without Bakassi.

This same courage is necessary in matters of foot-dragging of Election Petitions tribunals on the 2007 elections.

A word is enough for the wise.

God save our country and us.


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