In Aregbe I believe – By Olanrewaju Ajiboye

Gov. Rauf Aregbesola
Gov. Rauf Aregbesola


Though the bereaved child of the dead is truly worried and depressed, he’s not going to be buried with his mother. The raging storm in state of Osun shall subside and new living springs shall blossom.

Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola a.k.a ÀRÀ, shall live his dream for Osun.

It is unfortunate that workers’ salaries are delayed, it is most unfortunate that it is not a deliberate act or an act of impunity on the part of the governor. Right from the time he assumed leadership of Osun state, discerning minds could see that he is in a race against time, he is hyperactive to see Osun developed into a model state, as a transformed state and as a state that whoever succeeds him will have little to do in terms of capital expenditure but rather would just need to be maintaining structures and templates put in place.

“Aládáánwò kii l’ore.” The governor of ‘Hosanna’ just yesterday when he was implementing populist programs like ‘Opón Ìmò’, ‘School feeding’, ‘Model Schools construction’, ‘Multiple multi kilometer roads construction’ among many other altruistic projects to take Osun to next level has suddenly become ‘crucify him’ to the extent that some are working towards getting him impeached. His major disconnect is his administration’s inability to pay workers’ salaries, a malaise that is endemic in almost half of the states across the federation including the workers at the federal level.

Government is a collective. The leader provides leadership and direction. When the people are well informed and the government is open, there ought to be support, sacrifice and cooperation when there is a raging storm. It is in the spirit of this understanding I will like to appeal to the good people of Osun state who just last August approved the performance of their leader thereby renewing his mandate.

Unfortunate and harrowing as the non payment of salaries is, I will implore Osun people to make new discoveries that often come from adversity and challenges which will be an added value in the near future long after the storm is over.

The leadership of the government should be honest enough to present to its people the true state of affairs and if there is little disbursements that still come every month, the government can break the workers into groups or batches where some batches are paid in a particular month while it is the turn of other batches ins subsequent months until normalcy returns.

This is also a clarion call on wealthy people of the state origin, friends and believers of the developmental programs of the government to come to its aid by lending the state some money or buying the state’s farm produce through the government. Necessity is the mother of invention, I strongly believe some egg heads can come out with bail out options that will reduce pressure from the government.

Impeachment is not only a distraction, it is not an alternative at this difficult time.

I wish the people and government of Osun state a quick recovery and the grace to live the dream of ÀRÀ.

By Olanrewaju Ajiboye