“The absence of good promoter and marketers is the greatest factor that inhibits the development of traditional music”. This were the words of Mr Gbenga Ilesanmi while chatting with OSUN DEFENDER’s entertainment crew.

Ilesanmi who has been the leader of the Fuji musical group called “Atawewe Alasela” for the past ten years said he would never stop the musical career because it has become part of his life.

Atawewe who is currently making waves in and around Ilesa, stated that he has been to more than 40 outings where he played in Osogbo, Ilesa and environs and also in Yoruba community of the northern part of Nigeria.

Ilesanmi who is in his early fifties further disclosed that he is experienced in this musical career and also that he is ready to improve in all because he seeks knowledge all around.
“The problem we are having in the music industry is that the big cocks will not allow the little ones to crow,” Ilesanmi said.

He further stated that the music industry in the state would have been the most developed but this is not so, because some see themselves as the leaders who won’t allow young ones to grow.He also stated that he is just a primary six-certificate holder, saying he pulled out of school because he believes in his musical career, saying he loves music more than his life.

Atawewe hinted he has a cordial relationship with some of the well-known artistes and musicians like Koledowo, Fatai Alade and  Remison Aluko, a well known Fuji musician.He emphasised that he and his band would always engage in lots of practice and rehearsal sessions before going for any outing to play their kind of fuji music.

He said: “What differentiates my type of music from that of others is that my music fills the vaccum between the young and the old.

“I can play anywhere with my kind of music, the old are ready to listen to my music because of my experience and the youths also, because I can blend with the new style of fuji music”, he told OSUN DEFENDER.

He further stated that his parents were not in support of his decision to drop out of school to be a musician before but when he started making waves in it, they gave him their blessings.He advised parents to give their children the opportunity to choose any career for themselves saying parents should only guide them through.