Ifa Devotees Shun Ooni

AT the end of the recently concluded Agbonniregun festival, which is annually held in Ile-Ife, the location of the ancient temple of Agbonniregun, Ifa devotes from Cuba and other countries, across the world reported turned down the plan to visit Oba Okunade Sijuwade, the Ooni of Ife for his royal blessing because of the monarch’s involvement in partisan politics; a source hinted OSUN DEFENDER.

It was also revealed to the medium that some of the devotees were reported to have openly expressed their dissatisfaction about the political development in Ile-Ife which has polarized the people of the ancient city, and further step down the development of the town.

The source continued that the lackadaisical attitude of the monarch against traditional festivals is also condemned by some of the devotees, being the one sitting on the “sacred stool” of Oduduwa, he is expected to be a true worshiper of Ifa, the true link with Olodumare.

Some of Ifa devotees from Cuba, Jamaica, United States of America and other African countries lamented the dilapidated structures and decadence of infrastructures in Ile-Ife which they traced to the division that the monarch’s involvement in partisan politics of the state had inflicted on the ancient city.

Some of the devotees were also said to be unhappy at the decision of the monarch’s wife to suddenly erect, a Christian worship centre inside the palace, where the 401 deities of the black race reside, as act of “sacrilege” by the practitioners of African traditional religion.

OSUN DEFENDER reliably gathered that the Ifa devotees said the yearly “Agboniregun temple would have been declared as one of the “heritage sites” by the United National Education Socio-Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as it has adopted Osun Osogbo festival, but for the nonchalant attitude and monarch’s involvement in partisan politics has robbed “the source of the black race,” its lofty position, as same also affected the annual Ogun Festival, popularly known as Olojo festival, which commemorates, the celebration of carious deities in Yoruba mythology.

In a similar development, some of the devotees have decried the sudden demise of “Eedi festival” from the festival stable in the ancient city due to the care-free attitude of the monarch to the development of African culture.

They therefore called on the monarch to have a rethink on the issues that relate with the blacks in the world, especially the development and promotion of African culture and tradition, over which he serves as Chief Custodian.

They also advised him to desist and refrain from being partisan, as he is the father of all blacks in diaspora, the status he must jealously guide, they counseled.


2 thoughts on “Ifa Devotees Shun Ooni”

  1. Oni is suffering cultural imperialism, and is too westernize to be a traditional yoruba king. Traditional ruler is custidion of tradition, culture of is people. I have never see oni in aso oke, an ancient, respected throughout diasporan yoruba people and other. Oni is all so suffering from colonialism, our people continue to propagate on alien culture brought to us by our oppressor, arab and european that brought the bogus religions of islam and christianity are the most evil race of people that brought so much pain and agony to humanity, for any human that brought philosophy to you, that make you denie and hate your culture, tradition is evil, when this two important philosophy where distroyed, then it broke human spirit, value, mind,confident. Religion is more than believed, your religion must reflect your identity. African where the inventor of religion, we believed in supreme for thousand of years before islam and christianity. You have go to western museum and the role of african play in religions, before this bogus religion called islam and chritianity that now dominated our continent. We need to go back to our traditional believed system

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