Human Rights Coalition Condemns Travesty of Justice, Berates Judiciary

reign of terror and human rights violation in Osun State, NigeriaOsun State Civil Society Coalition Against Corruption and Right Violations (OSCARV) has condemned, in all its ramifications the on-going travesty of justice in the state.

OSCARV who noted the un-orthodox ways by which arrests are made and legal prosecutions are handled submitted that Osun State is gradually heading for banana republic where human rights and liberty violation are done with impunity.

OSCARV in a press release where it condemned the lack-luster attitude of higher authorities towards its reported cases of rights violation and extra judicial killings in Osun State, expressed reservations over the contrived extension of the days of incarceration of Action Congress Chieftains, Alhaji Layi Oyeduntan and Hon. Sunday Akere.

The Osun State based rights activism coalition organization said the intricacies coming out of the trial procedure, like it was with the police arrest showed that the judiciary is been greatly impaired in the discharge of its duties by the Oyinlola-led PDP government.

“It is rather sad that after using the police to do the dirty job of contriving non-existent bomb blast story, Oyinlola government is pushing the judiciary in to the cesspool of abyss, human rights abuse, liberty containment, and outright disregard for constitutional provisions and the rule of law in particular” OSCARV noted

OSCARV noted that it was bad of Oyinlola government to have meddled in the work of the police and the judiciary but that it was getting too much to meddle in the prison service with a view to compromise it for the selfish pursuit of keeping Oyeduntan and Akere perpetually in detention.

OSCARV who condemned the Oyinlola government’s inability to run a purposeful and focused government that will attract it to the generality of the people take exception to the harassment and intimidation of Ile-Ife prison officials for carrying out their duties as specified ways but contradicts the repressive expectations of Oyinlola and his goons which should have made life difficult for Oyeduntan and Akere and break their spirits.

“We are certain that the Oyinlola and the gang would have been much pained for failing in all its sinister motives towards the AC Chieftains hence the need to want to go to any length to make them uncomfortable so that they will be miserable” OSCARV noted.

OSCARV regret the way Magistrate was pressurized to decline granting bail which he was obviously going top grant based on the facts and legal provisions of the case if Oyinlola and cohorts had not poked their nose is it so as have their huge wicked ego messaged.

The situation with the high court is perverse as the Chief judge will spent almost one week to allocate a trial of bail application while the judge has taken over 10 days to hear it. The judge, acting under influence has fixed another one week to rule on bail application for allegation whose punishment carry only 3 years jail term if found guilty.

OSCARV warns that Oyinlola and his gang should stop the reign of terror in Osun State as KAMA , the law of retributive judgment will one day catch up with them even as the blood of those they succeeded in eliminating will demand for their pounds of flesh at the appropriate time.

Comrade Rufus Oyatoro                                        Comrade Biodun Agboola

Justice Now Foundation (JNF)                                   People Welfare League (PWL)

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