How Tope Alabi Survived Prophet Ajanaku’s Spell



Some time ago, the media was awash with reports of a burst up between Gospel singer, Tope Alabi and his erstwhile spiritual godfather, Prophet Ireti Ajanaku.

It began with Prophet Ajanaku claiming to have anointed another gospel singer Ifemide. Sources in the know divulged that the relationship between Tope and Late Prophet Ajanaku went beyond the open father and daughter relationship that both of them profess.

A very dependable source revealed that part of the reasons for the imbroglio between the two personalities was that Tope was playing hide and seek with the acclaimed man of God. According to a close source, Tope’s current posture was not what they agreed upon before the man of God anointed her music ministry many years back. A reliable source said that before Tope Alabi climbed the success ladder, she used to go to Prophet Ajanaku’s church on commercial motorcycle (okada) and used to cry profusely each time she met the man of God as she was desperate for breakthrough, adding that she is now biting the fingers that fed her.

The final straw that broke the camel’s back, sources said, happened during the 2012 cross over night. Sources at the programme on the night of December 31st 2012 confirmed that Tope, who used to sit in the front row among the church officials, avoided the seats and went to sit in the midst of other worshippers as she had started avoiding her Spiritual Father then. This sudden attitude of Tope, we were told, didn’t go down well with Pastor Ajanaku. However, acting on impulse on a very swift manner and citing the Biblical Prophet Samuel when he anointed David, while King Saul was still reigning, Pastor Ajanaku, midway in the service, reportedly collected the micro-phone and announced a younger female gospel artiste, Ifemide, who was attending the church for the first time.

Pastor Ajanaku reportedly told Ifemide to kneel down and told the congregation that a new baby has just been born. Ajanaku allegedly told Ifemide to carry on with the work of God with his full backing and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Ajanaku reiterated further that the anointing has been taken from someone else and given to the young lady. The indication was that the man of has cast a spell on his estranged ‘spiritual’ daughter, Tope Ajanaku.

What followed were accusations and counter accusation between Tope Alabi and her former mentor Pastor Ireti Ajanaku while Tope Alabi claimed that he helped his ministry financially and that the late Pastor wanted to sleep with her, the late Pastor said she did not help him financially and that it was Tope that demanding sex from him. After the disagreement and change of hot words, washing their linen in the public through confrontations on the pages of newspapers and social media, things got worse for Tope Alabi as her fortune began to nose dive. With time, she realized that the battle is not carnal but spiritual; she was said to have ran to another man of God; Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji of C.A.C Cananland, Olode, near Ile-Ife in Osun state. It was Prophet Oladeji who introduced Tope Alabi to fasting and prayers because, the gospel singer had depended on his ex-spiritual father, Late Pastor Ireti Ajanaku for prayers and the use of anointed oil and holy water from the man of God.

Prophet Hezekiah was said to have taken Tope and her husband; Soji to Ori Oke Erio in Ekiti State where they underwent 12 days of fasting and prayers along with some prayer warriors. At a point during the prayers a prophetic warning came out from Prophet Hezekiah that as God lives and His spirit lives, Tope Alabi’s greatness has just started and that any individual or group of individuals or anything whatsoever that mention the name of Tope Alabi for evil will die suddenly!

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    1. @asiwaju. you are like a small child that saw medicines and call it eaten vegetables. Prophet Oladeji of Canaan Land is a true man of God, whom Nobody and l say Nobody can joke with. The above story is totally TRUE.
      Please do not comment on what you do not know. This is not Politics.

    1. Well, i know pastor Oladeji he is a man who will not like his name to be stained so for mentioning his name the story is 50% true, The man believes much in fasting and prayer and he is a real man of God,

    2. What i knw is dat may b is a lie or true. let leave it 4 God, bcos knw pple dat serve him true mind. Let leave Tope matter 4 God if it is true let her song judge her, bible said judge not u shall not be judge. Dat man can lie jst to spoil Tope carerer. God knw what hiding a man, God is right pson 2 judge so don’t judge

  1. tope use your this man called ajanaku help u alot but now u ar lieing 4 who 4me or 4ur self so u mean that 12days day pryer &fasting that kill ajanaku use ur sense?we ar nt babby

    1. pls my annonymus y dnt u keep ur mouth shout,dnt comment on what u dnt knw,and stop speeking vocarbulary we dnt found in dictionary here again.God knw what we dnt knw THANKS

  2. why u dont face ajanaku when he say that u want to have sx with him why u dont confront him when his alive,u can full ur self thank god ajanaku wife she stil alive,u ar a big lier we ur type.

    1. Hey! If you don’t understand English, why not just keep your comments in your pocket and pls stop muddling things up here with your “English Concoction”!

    1. What does using bleaching cream has to do with what the poor woman is alleged of. Whichever be the case, the Lord in his infinite mercy will clear all these rubish so that his name can be glorify again in Tope’s life.

    2. So u mean she uses bleachin cream?mmm,dats somtin ooo.pls can u tell me more about her,cus I dnt really knw her dat much,but I jest like her fo her gospel music,bsides dat prohet might not b lieing.

  3. Only god no d best dat ajanaku in question he’s a very wicked man he dont even fair god nd he called himseif man of god am very sure all what he said about tope alabi is not true

  4. let us all be on the watch it nt abt tope or ajanaku it abt d truth and the kingdom of heaven.this life is nt goin to b foreva use his gift for his glory becos we wil giv account

  5. mummy tope put ur trust in God if pastor adedeji is nt enough 4 u my father is a trust worthy pastor reach him on dis line 08032092432 or08095274221 there is noting people cn say about either good or bad,true or false u stil remain the best.god wil empower u,strenghtend u nd make u 2 triumph over ur enemies in jesus name. remain bless,be prayerful nd b whatchful

  6. tope why did u disgrace ur dignity .u should look up to pple like mama bola are .she is a good example dont fool ur self u need a special delevrance

  7. Ma I know u as at 2002 in alagbado okofilling were u live before u move to casso then d car u ride is opel. Ma then u don’t use earing and always with headtie. To cut my story short pls hold on to God Almigthy he is d one dat will help u no man dat can lift u up.pls pls and pls hold on to GOD.

  8. Newsmen are too hard to believe. There lies are much. But I’ve this to say NEVER bite the finger that fed you. Tope Alabi did that. I heard one lady’s song Ifemide by Name. She sings exactly like Tope Alabi and I was told she is the young lady the prophet Anointed. Its only God that knows who’s serving Him. Let’s be sincere here! Ajanaku has done good for Tope Alabi. Let’s not talk much because we were not there when they were in good terms nobody called us then. Let’s wait! HgGod can fight for Himself.

  9. Baba ara ws highly respected by everyone wt d kind of message he preaches about death n mony bt i ws shokd to hear tins ab him,tope only God knows d truth of ds mater,pls shok d world wt only d truth wdout mindin d concequens, of wat advantage is it to gain d whole world nd looses ones soul, u must av sense wat kind of man he is eversince, God bless u

  10. Only God can judge he mummy tope alabi run to God not to any man of God him to God himself he is d only 1 who can save you from this…… I still luv you and May God forgive you and pastor Ajanaku himself

  11. Many things went down in that church but are covered up. Ajanaku was a chronic liar and an adulterous man who thrives on people’s sensitivities. I attended his church for close to 3years until i was convinced of his trickeries, all the fake miracles and made-up testimonies that wows people coupled with the confident manner in which he dishes out those lies, even the hardest of hearts would melt. It was rather unfortunate that TOPE ALABI fell for the lies same with many others (myself inclusive) and by implication, it must have been God who made her go through those unpleasant experiences so that she can help others in such situation. We are praying for God to still more people who are bound by oaths to the church even after the man’s demise. There are many of his type out there in this end-time.

  12. Only God knows everything….. Lets us focus on heaven and leave them alone bcox they are carrying there own cross and we are to carry our own too

  13. All these are distractions
    mum tope focus your attention to heaven and fix your eyes to Jesus the author and finisher our faith.forget about what has happened and tell us new message heaven has for us.a ma so yen when we get to heaven.

  14. Hmmmm pple are nt to be trusted anyway, i dnt trust both d pastor n tope herself. But i believe itz clear to God Almighty. Letz be careful in everytin we do bcos pple will surely talk abt it even afta uve gone.

  15. Tope, whatevr our transgression ,GOD is ever ready 2 4giive us.i love ur courage and I also love ur music. You sang dat ” igikan oni bo lori igi ki olorun
    Mmamo si…. Hang o nnin 2 ur faith… Believe

  16. I’v got to realise that Evang. Tope was born into the Catholic faith. Why not return to your faith instead of moving from one Pastor to another… Talk to Jesus directly in the Blessed Sacrament.

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