Yeah, there seems to be a new hope for Wunmi Yetunde who is standing trial for allegedly being in possesion of hard substance called cocaine.

Few days ago, Wunmi who refused to change her clothes, an Ankara fabric print, which she has been wearing since her trial, and always in sober mood pleaded guilty to the charges against her.

Initially, she was not ready to plead guilty, but when another accused, Rev. King, was sentenced to death on the alleged accusation of burning some members of his church, which led to the death of one of them; Wunmi was so scared that she pleaded guilty.

Available information revealed that her case is totally different from that of Rev. King, which  could only see her going to prison; however, pleading guilty as well as her lever of sobriety may tilt the pendulum of judge toward her which may make her spend few years in jail.

Succor is coming to her both  from the prison guards and her lawyer. There was a new trend last week when one of her films which she shot before her arrest was promoted on air. Before this time, she was like a black sheep among her peers as she was rejected.

But  Elesho who is a co-artiste was the first person bold enough to mention Wunmi’s name in his own new movie. If you could recollect, the president of the Association of Nigerian Theater Practitioners , Prince Jide Kosoko placed a definite ban on the light skinned actress immediately her arrest was confirmed. And mum was the words from her colleagues. It was either they were afraid of being linked with her or trying not to step on their president’s toes.

Support. Enough support is what Wunmi needs at the moment. And a change of heart from her colleagues is the major tonic needed to be offered.

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