Nigeria’s Future Is Bright, Says Aregbesola In Easter Message

Osun Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has urged Christians to live the ideals of Easter and emulate Jesus Christ.

This message is contained in a statement made available to journalists on his behalf by his Media Adviser, Mr Sola Fasure, in Osogbo on Saturday.

“The ideal of Easter is love manifested in sacrifice. It was love that motivated Jesus Christ to lay down his life. It was love also that made him adopt non-resistance method, even as he endured a farcical trial that led to his condemnation and crucifixion and death on the cross. But this turned out to be a bigger victory, as he rose from the dead on the third day, according to Christian tradition and the bible.

“Christians therefore should emulate Jesus by demonstrating love to one another and to their neighbours, just as Jesus admonished his disciples to love their neighbours as themselves.

“The absence of love is the foundation of all evils in our society. Those who love others will not steal from them, kill them, tell lies against them or harm them in any way. Christians will only be like Christ if they emulate him and pattern their lives after him”, Governor Aregbesola stressed.

Governor Aregbesola also admonished the people of the state, irrespective of their faith, to pray for the nation and the state of Osun, noting that the challenges before the nation require divine intervention.

“We should all also, irrespective of our religious persuasion, to commit the affairs of our nation into the hands of God. Though we have many challenges which appear to be formidable, but they are nothing in the hands of God. If we pray and seek the face of God, in addition to working hard and eschewing evil, we shall overcome the challenges.

“The future is bright for us if we can take maximum advantage of our human and material resources.

“I wish you all a happy Easter celebration”, the statement concludes.

Scandal In Osun Sports Council


  • Athletes Shortchanged?
  • Officials Deny Allegations

By Kehinde Ayantunji

The quality of performance of athletes in the State of Osun Sport Council over a decade is abysmally low, a situation which could not totally be separated from the high level of inherent corruption in the system over the years.

The council is more of a training ground for athletes who would later dump the state for others where they believe their potentials could be better utilised and their dreams realised rather than stake it for their state of birth.

OSUN DEFENDER investigations revealed that corruption in the sport council is systematically lofty among all the officials in the council as well as the coaches of games involved in the scandal.

With the inauguration of Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration in late 2010, there was enthusiasm among sport lovers that a new dawn is being birthed in the state while athletes were hopeful that the era of misappropriation would totally be over.

However, the enthusiasm was short-lived as officials in the sports council allegedly continued with their inhuman act of shortchanging athletes at the 2012 National Sport Festival preliminaries that was held in Ado-Ekiti but for the protest of some athletes which eventually forced the officials to release full payment for the sports men and women engaged.

In a bid to enhance performance among for their own use athletes, an insider said, the state employs performing athletes and sometimes athletes or/and coaches based on contractual agreement and such athletes or/and coaches are placed under certain amount of money on monthly basis.

However, the coaches in collaboration with other corruptible officials in the State’s sports council are alleged diverting such funds for their own use.

Findings revealed that the coaches sometimes look for underaged players or novice at times who do not merit the appointment and offer them peanuts, share the remaining money or even look for their close relations to sign the release of such funds while it is in reality shared amongst them.

It was gathered that in some cases, the administrative department do push the coaches to be involved in the scandals as they await kickbacks from every assignment that involves money and if a coach is not on good terms with them, he may not be fielded to attend any competition.

Findings further revealed that recently, the state female football team officials shocked the team players when they refused to pay the outstanding salaries which had been long released by the state government.

The state government had before owed the team three months salaries spanning November, December and January, and when the money was eventually released in January after the last season, the money was not paid, only for the players to be paid for the month of February alone.

The medium gathered from a source close to the team that the money was withheld by the team officials to pave way for some of the players who were part of the team last season but would be dropped so that their  share of the fund would not be accounted for and the others who are still in the team’s service may be paid eventually.

It was gathered that about eight or more players were dropped while those that are still with the team have not been paid but were given the sum of N5000 each to take care of their immediate needs.

When contacted for his reaction, the state FA secretary, Mr Amao Abayomi denied the knowledge of any shenanigan going on in the team, saying no player is being owed any salary, adding that if anyone is being owed the FA would have gotten a written report to that effect and initiate a proper investigation into the matter.

He, however, disclosed that the FA is not in charge of sorting players issues but to organise and register teams for competitions with the national body.

The Director of Coaches at the council, Daini Dairo, in his reaction disclosed that no contract or performing athlete is shortchanged by the sports council but because each game is short staffed, the coaches sometimes used the money of a player to pay two or three players which is always at their own discretion.

He said, though the players are underpaid compared to their colleagues in other states, as he added that an athlete gets N12000 while a coach gets N15000, which he admitted is a meagre sum, but the coaches still divide the money among two or three athletes.

He added that all athletes under contracts with the sports council are engaged based on merit and there is nothing as engaging underperforming athletes so as to shortchange them.

Some of the athletes who spoke under anonymity confirmed that they have never received N12000 since they have been engaged by the sport council, saying their salaries range between N3000, N4000 and N6000 monthly.

When they were asked whether the money is paid into their account, they responded that they are paid directly by cash and are always threatened to be dropped if they discuss such outside the council.

Recently, the state government approved a cash reward for the state contingent to the youths sport festival who won medals but findings showed that the officials of the sport council is holding unto the money and has refused to host the contingent nor give them their due.

Osun 2018: Our Candidate Would Emerge Through Due Process – APC

The Osun Chapter of the the All Progressives Congress has urged members of the public especially party members to discountenance speculations and rumours that it will impose an aspirant on all governorship aspirants for September’s election.

The state party chairman, Prince Gboyega Famodun in a statement said no aspirant or the other is either going to be imposed or has been particularly favoured to be the candidate of the party for the next governorship election in the state.

According to Famodun, Nothing of the sort has happened or is contemplated.

The statement said “Currently, party leaders and elders are engaging in a rigourous process of consultation about how to identify the appropriate aspirant, capable of representing the party, preserving its heritage and continuing with the development agenda and programmes of the party.”

“That candidate will eventually emerge through the constitutional process that the party has agreed to.”

“The public is hereby reassured that only the best will be presented as a candidate of the party.”


Osun APC Felicitates With Tinubu

The State of Osun Chapter of the All Progressives Congress APC has felicitated with the National Leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on his 66th birthday.

This is contained in a statement signed by the state party chairman, Prince Adegboyega Famodun in Osogbo on Wednesday.


The All Progressives Congress in the state of Osun felicitates with its national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on his 66th birthday celebration.

In this testy period of Nigeria’s history, for a person of his age and calibre and capacity to be at the helm of affairs of the ruling party in the country is no mean achievement.

Starting from 1999 when he was a much younger person in charge of the most important state in Nigeria – Lagos, Asiwaju has started to distinguish himself as a pace setter and a unique achiever.

For eight years, between 1999 and 2007, he set Lagos on a progressive agenda which has not faltered until today. He left a heritage which was unique, and he ensured that those who succeeded him were not only the right people, but also individuals with foresight and energy to excel.

The excellence of Lagos today is the heritage of Tinubu, whichever way one looks at it.

As a fighter, he upturned the applecart when he fought the Federal Government to a halt under the Olusegun Obasanjo regime. He not only succeded in maintaining Lagos, under his governorship, he piloted the ship of state successfully in spite of Federal Government illegal withholding of the allocation due to Lagos.

Come 2014, he shepherd the establishment of a coalition, that for the first time in the history of Nigeria, defeated the sitting government in an election.

All of these are ethical and momentous achievements, deserved for prodigies.

Asiwaju, the Jagaban Borgu, we celebrate you on your birthday for reasons proudly mentioned above.

Long may you live.

Prince Adegboyega Famodun,
APC, State of Osun.

Home-Made Chocolate From Osun State

Osun State is set to put a stop to billions of Naira that Nigerians are using to import chocolate and other cocoa products from EU countries. Osun Cocoa Processing Plant, Ede is now producing “Made in Nigeria” Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Cake, Cocoa Powder and Chocolates and set to flood world market with “Made in Nigeria” chocolates.

Osun Cocoa plant, Ede is back after more than 30yrs of wobbling and fumbling. Despite living in one of the world’s biggest grower of cocoa beans, Nigerian residents have never quite embraced chocolate as part of the national diet. Aregbesola has provided lifeline for cocoa farmers in Nigeria Interestingly, Osun is a major producer of chocolate today and a major cocoa-producing state, and chocolate manufacturing center is in Ede. Osun State is the third largest cocoa producer in the South West after Ondo and Oyo states. The state largely draws its rising profile as a big role player and producer of the cash crop from Cocoa Farms.

The arrival of a new chocolate factory in Osun State will also allow Nigerian planters to finally access the pleasure of chocolate.” Osun chocolate is targeting the local market, then progressively expand to the sub-region. The factory is initially producing cocoa powder and chocolate. Despite its Chinese ownership, the plant represents a small victory in the continent’s battle to profit from its natural resources instead of exporting them to be processed elsewhere. The African country’s first major chocolate factory hopes to change all that.

Osun Cocoa powder can be used in so many ways; you can buy cocoa powder from a retail store and make a semi-sweet chocolate at home through some easy procedures. Remember, a semi-sweet or raw chocolate comes with little or no sugar and they contribute little calories to your daily diet. Cocoa powder itself is obtained from cocoa beans by first cleaning the beans and then partially drying them before roasting at high temperatures. Cocoa powder is obtained from the milling and separating cocoa butter from the liquid. Cocoa butter is used for making chocolate while the liquid is further processed to obtain other products including the powder.

Smallholder cocoa farmers and other stakeholders are happy over the establishment of an elaborate cocoa processing plant that produce chocolate in Ede, Osun State, and the third largest cocoa producing state in the country. They are happy that the plant will be able to check the bleak future of the business which is presently facing stiff international competition as well as government overbearing influence, so the smallholder famers will stop to lament daily.

With Ede cocoa processing plant, Governor Aregbesola has expanded assistance to cocoa farmers and numerous stakeholders within the cocoa value sequence regarding the development of cocoa in Nigeria. Governor Aregbesola has brought innovation and localized the processing of cocoa products in the 14 cocoa producing states in Nigeria.

With over twenty million cocoa farmers in Nigeria, Osun-China’s cooperation over Ede cocoa processing plant has given lifeline to Nigerian cocoa farmers who could not export their products before now. The partnership with one of China’s Most popular politicians and business leaders Qizan Zhao; Deputy Leader of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China and one of the leading businessmen in China is producing a N10bn investment in Osun and over 1000 jobs for local people in the next two years in the state especially Youths and this will help to support the industrialization efforts of Governor Aregbesola

The moribund Cocoa Processing Company in Ede, Osun state, received a lifeline with the intervention of Governor Aregbesola and two Chinese firms who have resuscitated the comatose industry. Governor Aregbesola is providing a lifeline for 14 cocoa producing states in the country through the cocoa processing plant which is the only plant that is functioning today in Nigeria. With this plant farmers can now distribute new high yield cocoa seedlings to cocoa farmers, and continues to allow the purchase of chemicals and inputs at 50% subsidy.

Nigeria is one of the largest cocoa producing countries in the world. With 14 states producing and harvesting the crop Nigeria exports well over 242,000 tons of Cocoa. Governor Aregbesola has connected Nigerian cocoa farmers to the Ede cocoa processing plant and they can source cocoa easily here for Osun buyers.

Resuscitation of the company and the production of cocoa products is creating jobs and generating revenue for Osun state and Nigeria, which have been hit by severe budget crisis that has left government with revenue deficit. In Nigeria, We are not producing enough Cocoa and with Ede cocoa processing plant, there will be more participation in cocoa farming in Nigeria which will enhance proper management to get the best yield.

Cocoa Dealers or Cocoa Agents in Osun State today make money by buying the cocoa beans from the farmers in the 14 cocoa producing states in Nigeria and selling directly to the Ede cocoa processing company. The business is equally available for companies that want to go into cocoa marketing, distribution, and exportation.

‎The two China-based companies -Skyron Corporation and Golden Monkey Group of Company had promised the production of chocolate and others in Ede. Golden Monkey Corporation remains the number one producer of candies and chocolate in China, reviving the cocoa processing company in Ede has not been a problem.

Osun is holding 30 per cent equity in the revitalised firm. Through this partnership, many people in Osun would learn the trade of cocoa processing; the possibilities are just endless. At least, now, our people know that more value accrues to them if they process cocoa rather than exporting in its raw form.

Inwalomhe Donald, writes from Benin City, [email protected]

Aregbesola Has Increased Osun’s IGR Capacity By 35 Percent Between 2016/2017- Fowler

……says Osun has justified tax payer’s money through massive infrastructure development‎.

The Chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Mr Babatunde Fowler on Monday disclosed that the Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration in Osun has raised the state’s Internal Revenue Service by 30 percent between 2016 and 2017.

He ‎commended Aregbeola’s government for being resilient, dogged and focused at raising the bar of good governance in all ramifications in spite of the present economic realities.

‎The FIRS’ Chairman made the disclosure during a courtesy call on the Governor as part of activities lined up for the 140th Quarterly Meeting of the Joint Tax Board, being hosted by the Osun Board of Internal Revenue Service in Osogbo.

Fowler held that the present administration in Osun has judiciously justified the tax payer’ money through infrastructural development in all sectors of the economy.

He noted that the state under Governor Aregbesola’s watch has demonstrated high sense of commitment to human and capital development, a stride which according to him was made possible through innovative ideology to robust taxation.

Fowler who doubles as the Chairman of Joint Tax Board, said it is on record that Osun has made giant strides to stimulate her economy with determined efforts to an improved revenue generation.

He called on other states of the federation to key into the Osun revenue generation policy, which he said has witnessed a geometric improvement in the last few years.

According to him “What Aregbesola has done in increasing tax revenue in Osun is amazing, while the Federal Inland Revenue Service is advocating for at least 25% increment from states, it is worthy of note that Aregbesola has increased the tax revenue of Osun by 35% between 2016-2017.

“I am not too surprised because Governor Aregbesola is not new to taxation as he played a prominent role in the growing of Internal Generated Revenue in Lagos state.

“There is no doubt in the fact that our visit to Osun will give us an ample opportunity to understudy the administrative ingenuity and political prowess employed by the Osun government to achieve the giant strides in her revenue capacity.

“I am happy that the 36 States’ Chairmen of revenue generation who are currently in Osun will have a lot to learn from the Aregbesola’s administration on the nitty-gritty required to actualize self-sustaining revenue for government.

“Another significant observation having gone round Osun is that one can easily see that tax player’s money is working, a lot can be learnt from Osun on what taxation can do for a state.

“Osun was not like this before the advent of this administration and I know that Osun doesn’t get much from the federal allocations, so this spate of infrastructural development can only happen through an improved iGR.

In an address, Osun Governor, Rauf Aregbesola while calling on people to imbibe the spirit of tax payment stressed that no meaningful development can take place without the people assisting the government through tax payment.

He called on governments all over the country to mobilise their people to work and be ready to contribute part of their earnings to support societal growth, saying that public service can only be possible through taxation.

Aregbesola who said the reliance of the nation on oil revenue for survival is no longer safe as the product will no longer be useful in the next 30 years.

The Governor then called for an alternative to generating revenue for the country which he said everyone must take as a duty for all.

He said, “Taxation came into existence from the beginning of human existence as far back as 6,000 B.C when every individual already knew about taxation.

“Many people fail to realise that public service is only possible through tax, if we think what is happening in Nigeria is sustainable then we are deceiving ourselves because our main stay as a nation which is oil will no longer be be useful in the next 30 years.

“The only thing we must do today is to develop alternatives to oil revenue, we must do more to find an alternative.

“There is no other way to run a modern government except through the contribution of those who are working, the greatest displacement of a man is not being able to contribute to the development of his environment.

“As long as you are working you should be ready to support the system, the people should be ready to participate in development by contributing from their revenue.

“For the people to have impact in the environment, we must begin to mobilize our people to work and part with some of their earnings to support government”. The Governor noted.

Osun 2018: Zoning Interests May Tear Parties Apart

By Mariam Bello

Ahead of political parties’ primaries in preparation for the September 22 governorship election in the State of Osun, the idea of zoning or not zoning the seat to a particular senatorial zone might tear the major political parties apart if not properly managed, as gladiators have divided over the matter across political lines.

In the All Progressives Congress (APC), while some groups and bigwigs, including the former Governor of Osun, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola have stood in favour of zoning the seat to Osun West on the ground that the zone has not had its fair share of the seat, some other gladiators and aspirants, as well as youth groups within the party have insisted that zoning the seat to a particular district would spell doom for the party and the state at large.

Also in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the idea of zoning to Osun West might have hit the rock, following the insistence of the former deputy Governor of the state, Iyiola Omisore, from Ile-Ife, Osun East Senatorial district to contest for the most prestigious seat in the state.

This is in addition to the factional crisis rocking the opposition parties in the state, more so the Ife-born politician has the hears of the National Secretariat of the party.

Contrary to the position of Oyinlola and some other gladiators in the APC, one of the party’s aspirant, Barrister Kunle Adegoke from Osogbo in Osun Central has insisted that there is no fairness or equity in zoning, saying there was never a time it was agreed on in the annals of the state and if at all, it was so agreed, it was not based on Senatorial Districts.

He was quoted to have said that no governor has ever been chosen based on zoning in Osun before, saying, if it is part of the system, why not use the federal constituency basis by which Osogbo and Iwo Federal constituencies become most prominent among the “cheated”.

He said the issue of zoning was just a dummy being sold by a section of the ruling elite to favour a personality or one of them, while the masses who will never derive any benefit from the scheming, would parrot the idea slavishly forgetting that they were never meant to benefit from the class scheming being foisted on them.

According to him, it was a strategy to narrow the political space to favour a weak candidate whose credentials cum political and intellectual capacity cannot withstand a fair contest to produce the best, saying the current situation of Osun, do not need just a governor based on zoning, but the best material for the job.

“As far as I am concerned, let the best emerge even if he is from the same ward with the current governor. No governor by zoning can pay workers’ salaries, put food on our table, improve our educational standard, health status etc. based on his place of origin”.

Also, a youth wing within the APC, Osun Progressive Youths Alliance (OPYA), has called on the leadership of the party in the state to jettison the idea of zoning the governorship slot to a particular zone, saying all contestants must be given the equal right to contest.

In a press statement by the Coordinating Head of OPYA, Comrade Adeboye Adebayo in Osogbo recently, speaking on behalf of the group said, the idea of zoning would not give room for a robust contest that would allow superior ideas and capacity to strive for the growth and development of the party and the state.

“Zoning of political positions is the idea of lazy minds who are afraid of robust contests, such an idea will retard the soaring profile of our party and the growth and development being witnessed at the moment in the state.

“Every interested individual should be allowed to put whatever ideas they have for the growth of the State on the table and allow the party to decide her flag bearer according to the laid down rules of the party’s constitution. Zoning should be outrightly jettisoned as it is alien to our party constitution”, he noted.

According to him, all the senatorial districts of the state can boast of great minds who are full of renewed ideas, particularly within the APC and none should be sacrificed on the altar of zoning, noting that the progress of the state is paramount and anyone with better workable ideas and planning should be allowed to lead.

“Zoning will breed animosity, zoning will deprive our State of the best in terms of capacity for growth and development, zoning will deprive our party of funds, more funds will be generated for the party if the contest is thrown open and zoning will breed unfairness and inequalities, hence it should be jettisoned”, he said.

Also, a governorship aspirant of the PDP extraction, Prof. Adeolu Durotoye, has cautioned that limiting the choice of candidates in the election to a particular political zone might be counter-productive.

Durotoye, who is the Provost, College of Social and Management Sciences, Afe Babalola University (ABUAD), said what Osun needs to fast track its development is a candidate who can raise the stake of transformation in a calm or rocky atmosphere.

The aspirant enjoined stakeholders in Osun to avoid the inherent pitfall that zoning has created for political parties, especially at the national level, adding that picking candidates through the zoning practice has robbed the country of competent hands to govern the society.

Besides, Omisore has been hell bent on his decision to contest, insisting that this is another opportunity for him to test his political capacity and he would not let go that opportunity on the altar of zoning.

Regardless of the opposition to the zoning formula, a socio-political group, Coalition of Concern Progressive Youths (CCPY) has warned that the party will be left to face a bleak future should the next governorship seat taken out of Osun West Senatorial District.

In a statement by its National Coordinator, Comrade Korede Ajibade, the group maintained that it is the turn of Osun West Senatorial District in the interest of fair play and justice, adding that zoning the governorship seat out of the zone would amount to crisis, political fraud and imbalance in the sharing of political offices since the creation of the state in 1991.

Some concerned elders were also reported to have supported the agitation that the next governorship slot be zoned to Osun West Senatorial District in the spirit of justice and fair play.

When contacted, the Chairman, Elders Caucus of the APC in the state, Chief Sola Akinwunmi declined from making comment on the matter for now.

105 Dapchi Girls Return, Fate Of 5 Others Unknown

It is confirmed that some of the kidnapped Dapchi school girls are back to the town.

It is also confirmed that five of the kidnapped students are dead.

Information however is still sketchy if the whole girls are released or just some.

Channels Television gathered that there is heavy security presence in the town, making it difficult for reporters to gain access to Dapchi.

Some of the parents of the missing students, who spoke with our correspondent in Yobe, confirmed that their abducted children have returned.

However, details of the girls’ return are still sketchy while the exact number of those that returned have yet to be ascertained.

According to SaharaReporters, the terrorist group came with the girls in nine vehicles.

Quoting sources, the online news platform said that the militant group came with the girls in nine vehicles same way they took them.

It added that five of the girls are feared dead.

It cannot be ascertained if any ransom was paid by the federal government to secure the girls’ freedom.

SPECIAL REPORT: Top 10 Roads In Osun

By Nofisat Marindoti

The world over, the purpose of every government is to provide basic facilities that will make life more abundant, bearable and comfortable for the citizenry.

And so with infrastructure, the things people see, cherish and make use of that helps them, contribute to their success and ensure life is more meaningful for them.

One of the priorities of the present administration in the State of Osun led by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is infrastructural projects particularly road construction.

Since its inception seven years ago, Ogbeni Aregbesola has continued to construct roads both at the rural and urban areas of the state.

Considering the fact that Osun is the most urbanized state in Nigeria, and that infrastructure especially roads are key to the economic growth of the state, Aregbesola has moved beyond criticism and brought a new face to the State of Osun.

With over 400km of rural and urban roads completed and still counting, the wind of change can be felt in all nooks and cranny of the state, Osun Defender however brings you the top ten roads in the State of Osun under Rauf Aregbesola;

1. Ola Iya/ Odi Olowo Road (Workers Drive)

The popular Olaiya junction sits in the capital of the state “Osogbo”. This is a junction in the heart of Osogbo that leads to various ends of the state.

Shortly before the exit of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola from office as Governor of the state, traffic lights were introduced to some major junctions in the state capital. One of such junctions was the Orita Ola Iya/ Odi Olowo Junction. Other points within the state capital were the Old Garage Roundabout and the Oke Fia Roundabout. It was initially conceived that the congestion of the time was due mainly to huge vehicular movement in and out of the city.

The emergence of Aregbesola, a trained and seasoned Mechanical Engineer, tested and trusted, in the saddle of governance discovered other concrete causes of this unnecessary congestion and created ways to tackle it.


Now apart from being modernly handled to tackle congestion, the road now nicknamed “Workers’ drive” commemorating the workers of the state for persevering with government during the financial quagmire that affected the satte from paying salaries as and when due, has been reconstructed, widened, giving the state capital the first beautiful impression about the generality of the state.

2. Adebisi Akande Gbongan Trumpet Inter-Change Bridge

This road comes second in our list, we are sure any body that sees the beauty of the bridge will give kudos to the Governor. The Governor had attributed the need to checkmate avoidable deaths of innocent people along Ibadan/Ife expressway as the major reason that prompted his government to construct the interchange bridge, named after the former interim national chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Chief Abdulkareem Adebisi Akande.

Aregbesola had expressed optimism that the newly completed bridge that conjoins Ibadan/Ife/Gbongan/Osogbo dual carriage road, would go a long way in halting auto crashes that he said had claimed over 1,000 lives at the Gbongan junction.

3. November 27 Interchange Bridge

This bridge is another beautiful achievement of the administration, the bridge which leads into the state capital, Osogbo was named “November 27” in commemoration of the day the Governor was sworn-in in the year 2010 after a protracted legal battle. November 27 Interchange bridge also serves to break the bottleneck of traffic congestion along the state secretariat in Abere and Ola-iya junction of Osogbo, the State capital.

Asides that, the bridge forms part of the ring road that connects the entire Osogbo metropolis. The bridge links the Ebunoluwa end of the Osogbo/Iwo road and as well as the Ilesa Garage end of the road that saves travellers to Ilesa the burden of going through the Osogbo metropolis.

4. Old Garage – Ikirun to Kwara State Boundary Road

When the contract for the road project was awarded in 2013, many doubted the capability of the administration that had for many years battled with finances to complete such capital intensive project in the spate of three years.

At the Old Garage end from Oke Fia; just after the level crossing, there also is the presence of traffic lights. But these traffic lights were not just the panacea to the myriads of problems militating against residents and passers-by of our roads. The Aregbesola administration wielded the magic hands, as it saw the timely need for broadening of the roads.

Today, the road has been broadened to ease off traffic for those exiting toward the old MDS area without unnecessary delays and hiccups.

Currently, the road has been completed to a stretch not far from the Alamisi Junction in Ikirun, a feat many thought would not be achievable. But with ONA BABA ONA himself, the road is now a reality with many of his traducers testifying to the quality of the job done.

5. Osun East Bypass a.k.a. Ring Road

This road had been in existence since the time of military administrators in the state. It was however brought to the present level of conceptualization by the administration of Chief Bisi Akande. The road, stretching from the Mobile Police Headquarters Junction /rare of Osogbo City Stadium to link the Osogbo-Iwo Road at Dele Yessir area spans between 15 and 20 kilometres. It also presents a stretch of good motorable roads to motorists who intend to avoid the hustle-bustle of the township traffic. This, to a large extent, serves to reduce traffic congestion of the state capital.

6. Osun West Bye-Pass, Ebunoluwa Bridge

The Ebunoluwa Bridge passes over the Ebunoluwa area providing a lease of life for those living in the area to move to other areas of the town.

The bridge aside its thickness has a strong culvert and speed breakers that controls over speeding from motorists that may want to optimize the good texture of the road to over speed.

The bridge gives a facelift to the bye-pass as traffic is smooth and gives road users from the end an opportunity to reach locations like Ogo-Oluwa, Abeere, Owode Ede in a short time without necessarily going through Oke-Fia, Dada Estate or Awosuru area of the capital.

7. Osun West Bye-Pass, (Osun Groove Bridge)

Bridges are essential to the structure of roads. And so it is with the Osun Groove Bridge along the Ilesa road end which the November 27 Interchange Bridge connects.

The bridge connects the Osun Groove area with the Fountain University end through to Oke-Ijetu, Ilesa Garage to Owode end of the expressway.

With the road nearing completion, it leaves to the beauty it presents to make the entire township connect easily and freely without necessarily going to the heart of the state capital where traffic builds up easily during the weekdays.

8. 10km Roads Per Local Government.

One of the legacies the government of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is leaving behind is the construction of 10km of roads in all the 30 local government areas of the state.

The roads cut across major areas in the local governments.

Some of the roads were constructed by the previous administration in the state but were reconstructed as a thing of necessity when those roads could not stand the test of about 2 to 3 years.

A cross section of the 300km council roads built across all Local Governments Areas in the state of Osun
A cross section of the 300km council roads built across all Local Governments Areas in the state of Osun


Shows some of the 21 selected roads (26.40km) in Osogbo Township in the State of Osun newly commissioned by Governor Rauf Aregbesola on Monday 28-04-2014
Shows some of the 21 selected roads (26.40km) in Osogbo Township in
the State of Osun newly commissioned by Governor Rauf Aregbesola on
Monday 28-04-2014

During the commissioning of the roads which are township roads in April 2014, Governor Aregbesola said the roads constructed by RATCON Construction Company will stand the test of time for 15 years. The 310 kilometers are there for everyone to see.


One of the 21 selected roads (26.40km) in Osogbo Township in the State of Osun newly commissioned on Monday 28-04-2014. Inset: Governor State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola acknowledging cheers from the crowd during the commissioning.
One of the 21 selected roads (26.40km) in Osogbo Township in the State
of Osun newly commissioned on Monday 28-04-2014. Inset: Governor State
of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola acknowledging cheers from the crowd
during the commissioning.

9. 222km Rural Roads

The State Government has also constructed 222 kilometers of roads in the rural areas.

The roads were assisted through the World Bank, European Union and The French Government Under the Rural Access Mobility Project “RAMP”.

The rural roads have helped farmers transport their farm products to the market and boosted their income generation.

new osun roads under construction


According to Governor Aregbesola during the Workshop for Local Government Information Officers in March 2017, the rural roads have connected every rural settlement in the State of Osun.

The second phase of the project is ongoing.

10. Special Intervention/Rehabilitation of Roads

At every point in time of this administration, the government of Aregbesola has intervened in the rehabilitation of bad portion of some roads.

Portholes have been filled. Bridges have been reconstructed while bridges have also been made. One of those special intervention projects is the reconstruction of the Rasco bridge in Old Garage area of Osogbo.

The bridge that has for a long time been dilapidated and been in a situation where the whole area is ravaged by flood during the rainy season. As it stands, the bridge has been renovated and provided a platform for a big drainage to be erected in the locality.

Aside the Rasco Bridge, the Okoko Bridge linking Kajola Area to Oke-Ayepe area in Osogbo and the Modakeke drainage have been rebuilt all in a bid to prevent flood.

The drainages, culverts and potholes rehabilitated have given quality to these roads and enhanced the rate at which longevity will be placed on these roads.

In Osun, Rauf Aregbesola has changed the story of road construction and with these ten roads and more, the State of Osun is open to the round of economic activities that is part of the solid foundation laid by his government for the next 50 years of development.

Aregbesola’s Social Intervention Programmes Reduces Unemployment, Crime Rate In Osun


For the past seven and half years, the social intervention programmes of the Rauf Aregbesola led-APC administration in the State of Osun has effectively made the pervasive crime rate of the state minimal and reduced the raging unemployment rate before it took over.

Studies show that before the advent of his administration, Unemployment, Violence and Corruption had been the order of the day despite the so-called “Stomach Infrastructure” which was only beneficial to party members and some politically inclined members of the public.

At the flag off of the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme, OYES in December 2010, many thought the scheme would be for members of the then Action Congress AC to benefit from their own which they laboured to get into office but were surprised to see how apolitical the scheme went which even absorbed members of the opposition.

The scheme which improves the economy of the state with about N200 million paid its 20,000 beneficiaries monthly also gives the Youths who were hitherto “jobless” the opportunity to eke out a living nonetheless how minimal it might be.

OYES since inception has been a model, one which the World Bank applauded and described as another way out of engaging unemployed Youths in menial jobs of community service, providing enormous opportunities for them to become self reliant and teaches them the spirit of the Omoluabi Ethos; Hardwork.

The Federal Government under the former President, Goodluck Jonathan and some states of the federation keyed into this initiative with programmes like YESSO and SURE-P before the current government refined it and modelled it after the one Rauf Aregbesola created in Osun which is today referred to as N-Power.

Aside the fact that it has reduced the unemployment rate of the state with 3% influence, it has also taken to its barest minimum the level of crime in Nigeria.

Residents of the state who had lived in major towns like Osogbo, Ikirun, Ile-Ife, Ede, Ejigbo, Ilesa among others said before Aregbesola, Violence, Crime and Youth Restiveness were the order of the day as there would be no week without an ugly incident of either bank robbery, burgling of shops, residences among others.

They told newsmen that since Aregbesola came, social intervention programmes like O’YES, Agba Osun, O’REAP and many more have and are still helpful to the reduction of crime in Osun while the solid foundation for the state’s economic prosperity in the next 50 years has been laid.

Osun Govt Dismisses Report Of Attack On NYSC Corps Members

-Says Hoodlums, not Students Attack School Where NYSC Members Were Serving

The State government  of Osun has explained that hoodlums, and not students allegedly attacked the Osogbo High School where some members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) were serving in 2017, saying that at no time did students of the school attack any NYSC member.

The government in a press statement signed by the Commissioner for Education, Mr Kola Omotunde-Young on Friday, said it has eliminated cultism in it the public schools, stated that there was no official complaint or withdrawal of corps members from any school from the NYSC Directorate before the report.

According to Omotunde-Young, the alleged attacked school was old Osogbo High School with porous and broken down fence at its far end at the back.
Omotunde-Young stated that the school was besieged sometime in 2017 by hoodlums who found accommodation in some abandoned buildings around the premises adjoining the school at the back.

He added that the government reported the presence and activities of the hoodlums to the State Security Service and Police who restored order through arrests, prosecution and surveillance since 2017.

The commissioner wondered why incident that happened almost a year ago, with no officially complaint by NYSC that any corps members was ever endangered, could be a subject of complaint and media syndication in March 2018.

Omotunde-Young said the school has adequate number of full time teachers and N-Power volunteer teachers who have continued to do their work without hindrance or danger, stating that the school has not made request for NYSC Corps member or been turned down.

He said the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is committed to promotion of quality and functional education and the welfare of the corps members in the state.

The statement reads in part: “Osun has eliminated cult activities and hooliganism from its Elementary, Middle and High schools and have been commended severally for this.

“Osun has been acknowledged and commended locally and by international agencies for its success at undertaking substantial reform of the school system, with new world class school infrastructure, decentralisation of management through creation of Senatorial Districts headed by Tutor Generals/PSs, and strict quality enforcement and reorientation of ‎students through the newly established Osun Education Quality Assurance and Morality Enforcement Agency.”

“The government of Rauf Aregbesola has delivered 9 world class high schools each with capacity for 3000 students and another 2 of these are to be delivered in two months. These schools are state of the art and provide secure environments for learning. In addition 25 world class middle Schools and 22 world class Elementary schools have been delivered.

“It has also carried out renovations on hundreds of schools, delivering more than 1,694 standard classrooms in the existing elementary, middle and high schools. More than 12,000 teachers have been employed by the Aregbesola administration to boost manpower in the school system.

“Osun is acknowledged as one of the safest states in the country due to government’s commitment to security of lives and property.

“The government will continue to support NYSC as it is doing in its more than 1000 schools and assures the NYSC and all cadets of the government’s commitment to their best interest.”