Harvey Weinstein: Rose McGowan Joins List Of Accusers, Putting Amazon In Trouble Too

There is no peace for the wicked and it seems Harvey Weinstein would be having no peace for a very long time with the allegations made against him from every angle. The sexual assault scandal has deepened after US actress Rose McGowan publicly accused him of raping her.

In a series of tweets, McGowan also accused Amazon Studio chief Roy Price of having ignored her when she made the allegation earlier. Amazon has put Price – himself accused on Thursday of sexually harassing a female producer – on leave of absence.

Weinstein denies any sexual assaults and there was no comment from Price.

Police forces in the US and UK police have launched investigations into sexual assault allegations against Weinstein. It is disappointing to know that it took this long for the victims to come out and call out the accuser, but it is also a relieve to know there wouldn’t be younger victims.

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