Governor Slumps In Hotel

ONLY God’s grace saved one of the embattled governors in one of the states of the South-West of the country from death recently, as he slumped after all his efforts to compromise an appeal court that sat in the region failed.

It was gathered that the governor had sent emissaries to the members of the appeal panel to bend the then impending judgment in his favour.

Investigation revealed that all the efforts of the governor’s emissaries to corrupt the decisions of the panelists met with stiff opposition, as they reportedly insisted on protecting their integrity by delivering a fair judgment on the matter.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that after the emissaries’ frantic efforts had failed and informed the governor of the panelists’ resolution, the governor was reportedly shocked and slumped.
Information made available to the medium had it that as at the time the news was broken to the embattled state helmsman; he was at a pleasure rendezvous in one of the popular hotels in the said state, enjoying his pleasure not until the news turned out to be a spoiler for him.

It was gathered that the governor was quickly rushed to a private hospital in the state capital, where he reportedly received prompt attention and was saved from untimely death.
According to a source close to the hospital, the governor was rushed to the hospital in company of his aides, who drove in unnoticed so as not to attract any attention from people living in the area.

The source further confided in the medium that the sick governor prevailed on the doctor to discharge him before the news of his sickness filtered to the press.

It was learnt that though, the governor was discharged on the same day, he was instructed to ensure that he had adequate rest and stay away from stressful activities.

However, the sickness of the embattled governor was not unconnected with the fear of being sacked by the appellate court’s judgment, which was on the way then.