Government Should Be Serious About Health Facilities

Kindly permit me to write on the health situation in Osun State. Health, according to philosophers, is wealth. Without a sound health nothing can be done by any human being. It is in view of this that proper health facilities should be provided by the society to cater for the needs of the people.
In the developed states of the western world where citizens earn steady ad reasonable income, individuals can easily and conveniently afford their health bills.

In Nigeria, it is always lip–service with slogans. It used to be health -for -all by the year 2000. Eight years down the line, the impact of health- for -all by 2000 is yet to be realised. In most public hospitals in Osun State, there are dearth of required personnel and the necessary and essential drugs.

Most of the unavailability of the necessary drugs. In most cases, patients are turned away from hospitals since they do not have the essential drugs. There are instances where hospitals improve where the needed drugs are not readily available. The government should do something fast in that direction because it is only health that can create wealth.

The government should take the issue of health seriously. General hospitals should be established, equipped and staffed accordingly, public revenue should be judiciously expanded on issues that give meaning to life rather than primitive acquisition of wealth which most government officials are busy doing now. Government officials claim there is insufficient fund in the public purse yet, they have enough to build filling stations and mansions all over the places.

The Osun State Drug Manufacturing Company is yet to be completed five years after the Olagunsoye Oyinlola came into power. One wonders why such a sensitive company should still be on the drawing board. I am making a clarion call to the Oyinlola administration to do something very fast about health facilities in the state. Children and the aged should have access to free medical facilities

HIKMOT OMOTARA, Odeyinka , Irewole LG.

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