Government By Impulse

If the people of the state complain about being short-changed on sheer account of the lack-lustre performance of Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola and his team, it is perhaps, nothing compared with the frivolity that he and his subalterns have taken governance in a state that is so blessed with human and material endowments.

To them, no source of injury is regarded too small, neither is any offence considered trifle by Oyinlola to muster state resources either to engage or to crush. Even criticisms have become treason in Oyinlola’s police state. The people must consider it their ill fortune that just when everything about governance in the state has grounded to a halt, the governor and his hordes of political hirelings, never to be known for any ideas about governance and service, have opted to chase shadows in their elusive search for accommodation in the hearts of the people, which overwhelmingly rejected him in April 2007.

There must be something soporific in mindless power otherwise how else can one explain Oyinlola’s relapse into schizophrenia when he insisted that the mandate, which he illegally wrested from the people, is his for keeps? Not done, he goes ahead to proclaim with glee, that the rightful owner of the mandate – the symbol of the aspirations of the people should stop dreaming of wresting back for the people, the mandate stolen in broad daylight of April 14, 2007.

Oyinlola must be helped to understand, since it is obvious that his seers have promised him rest, that his nightmares are not about to end anytime soon. Rather, his schizophrenia about keeping the object of stolen mandate will never come to be. Not when the people that he robbed of their votes have resolved on a prolonged struggle to recover their mandate through every means constitutional.

It is understandable that the Action Congress party flag-bearer, Rauf Aregbesola’s steadfastness and unflagging zeal to lead the people against the forces that seek to enslave them would give Oyinlola and his crowd nightmares. As the clock ticks for the usurper, and with the time of their reckoning dawning for the modern day emperor and his fawning courtiers, relapse to taunts – itself, an exercise in swagger of arrogant power – which masks deeper frustrations and insecurity would become more effusive. The more baleful and acerbic their language is, against their perceived enemies, the better their spin doctors claim to earn their pay would be – of course – at the expense of the public till – to serve the ignoble ends of megalomania.

Surely, this is not the leadership that the people bargained for. Never in the imagination of the proud and vigorous people, could they have settled for the afflictions of the band that now threatens to seize and infest their soul, representing everything that is as banal and offensive.

Who can grudge the people when they insist that Oyinlola is not the leader they voted for? He may pretend to be the lord of the Manor, dispensing freebies to his friends and political associates-all in the name of governance, but deep down in his soul, he knows that he is not one with the people. He is certainly far from finding the key to the people’s heart, hence the earlier he and his destructive Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) realise the fact, the better it will be for them. No wonder, governance runs by impulse.

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