GMB‬ speech while addressing Nigeria community in the United Kingdom.

General Muhammadu Buhari [rtd.] supporters in London

Update: 10/05/2018; 9:50am

The below material is a purported transcript of the then General Muhammudu Buhari’s speech during an interactive session with members of the Nigerian Community shortly after delivering his speech at the Chatham House, London back in February, 2015.

General Muhammudu Buhari, the then President Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC allegedly made the below speech that is now trending on the internet. He was said to have insisted he won’t seek medical attention abroad. However, Presidential Spokesperson, Mr. Femi Adesina has denied his principal, who won the 2015 Presidential elections in Nigeria never made such comments.

The said material was sourced from a Facebook user who did not confirm if he or any of his trusted source attended the event. Since no Osun Defender reporter attended the event, we cannot confirm or deny the veracity of this purported transcript.

General Muhammadu Buhari [rtd.] supporters in LondonI Will Maintain a modest lifestyle as President -Muhammadu Buhari.

“One of the major killers of our economy apart from corruption is waste. Our scarce resources are being plundered away very carelessly and unnecessarily wasted. Let me give an instance, presently, there are more than 6 aircraft in the presidential fleet. What do you call that? Billions of naira is budgeted every year for the maintenance of these aircraft not to talk of operational cost and other expenses.

You may want to ask what a Nigerian President is doing with so many aircraft when a Prime Minister of Britain fly around using the same public aircraft like an ordinary Briton.

Go and check and compare with that of any developed country in the world, the office of the Nigerian President is a very expensive one inspite our high level of poverty, lack and joblessness. Despite all these, you still find a Nigerian Minister spending about N10billion to charter an aircraft for just one year. Now, for me, when we come into office, all these waste will be blocked and properly channelled into our economy. We intend for instance, to bring back our National carrier, the Nigerian airways. We shall do this by bringing all the aircraft in the presidential fleet into the Nigerian airways and within a year increase the fleet into about 20.

What is the difference between me and those who elected us to represnt them, absolutely nothing.
Why should Nigerian President not fly with other Nigerian public! Why do I need to embark on a foreign trip as a president with a huge crowd with public fund? Why do I need to go for foreign medical trip if we cannot make our hospital functional? Why do we need to send our children to school abroad if we cannot developed our university to compete with the foreign ones? Why, and why must our people be servants to the foreigners in the midst of plenty? I can go on and on. I came here to the UK and I chose to trek just to make sure I send a message back home to some people who wish us dead.

This is not my struggle, it is our collective efforts to save Nigeria from those who have failed us for 16 years.”

Source: facebook

8 thoughts on “GMB‬ speech while addressing Nigeria community in the United Kingdom.”

    1. I remember 1999 how we all jumped up and down. As obj was elected. We all that that finally Nigeria would be heeled. You know the rest of the story. I pray and hope for A better Nigeria, but trust me, if whom ever gets up there next decides to be the worst yet, I won’t be taken unawares.

  1. I recall how we all smiled in ’99 when the military rule ended and a hybrid president(civilians with military blood) took over. It was like moses had resurrected to lead us to the promise land. Well, we all know how that worked out.
    Trust me. I love my country and I would really love to see us attain the limit of our potentials as a people. But while praying and hoping for the best, am just saying that, should the next dude to get up there decide to be the opposite of what they are promising to be, I won’t be caught pants down again. Once beaten, twice shy.
    God bless Nigeria.

    1. People who view the dice from one face will always be right in their assertions to the point of swearing that it contains only 1,2, 3,4,5,or 6 spots respectively. The mature minds views from a third angle position to tell the deference! All these who choruses for GMB based on the speech rendered abroad are positing one side of him into a mega structure with the motive to blurr us from the obvious dangers of showcasing the other sides of the dice. They are so decurved in their “Myopic Assumptions” that they also become apostles of “Myopism”. Learned men that should weigh their views before they speak! What has bewitched you, if I may ask?

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