Being pragmatic, I would get necessary facts to back up my claims so that I would not be guilty of feeding my people with fallacies.

This definitely will enable the little efforts I put into writing to pay off and encourage my people to still put little confidence in what they get by the helped of God. This will also motivate me not to flounder but I will naturally have the push to gather more facts that will compliment those of others in bettering the society at large and make Osun State conducive to live in.

This message ought to have come earlier but for the simple reason given above. The first day I read on the pages of the newspaper that is at, the vanguard of emancipating the people of Osun (OSUN DEFENDER) that, in conformity with the general timetable of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), there will be election in December, I yelled out in holy anger. This is not because I wanted our maturing democracy to crumble or be truncated but because I felt the atmosphere was still charged. Palpable fear was rife and it seemed to me that the another of such postulate must seek divine assistance to be free from one mild insanity. I have my reason: from the time the election tribunal swing into action in Osun people felt the political debacle would vamoose just within a month or two and the more the case lingers, the more despicable and despondent people are.

One thing that keeps soothing my people is the event of adjudications from other states of the federation. The aphorism, “THE CHIEFTAINCY THAT BECAME CONDITIONED TO IWO INDIGENS WILL SOON INFILTRATE EDE PEOPLE” becomes the commonest adage in vogue. Anytime and anywhere there is such pronouncement you see hope like dew descending. And the anxiety accompanying long period of waiting and expectation would mellow.

I did a little research, my findings are really overwhelming because an average of  80 per cent of the populace are involved. Whenever you remind this portion of the people in Osun of April 14, there are gloomy looks all round you. It is like one should become air that can neither be seen nor held escape inching. It is that bad. And this seems to be ubiquitous from Owena Ijesa to Ikire, from Ifetedo to Okuku or from Orile Owu to Ora Igbomina. The signs are really ominous.

In the midst of all these, some people somewhere feel it is high time elections to usher I functionaries to the third tier of government were help. What an insensitivity of the highest order can’t people for once be considerate. If people are not dying because of the strength of hope that God has given through His mercy and grace, must their lives be compulsorily stifled out of them through cancerous policies or moves so that a few people can continue to rule and survive?  Abba! The cadence in the actions of our people should in no way be misinterpreted. Let whoever cares to know, know that the timidity of a tiger is not due to its cowardice. What we are sitting on in Osun is more fragile and more dangerous than the keg of gun power. To say the least, the atmosphere is extraordinarily huminous but inflammable. A spark would do for the whole system to be razed to the ground. God forbid!

My duty is not to comment on the suitability or otherwise of the electoral umpire in Osun- but the desirability of his action should be a major concern to every same person who wishes that systemic continuity be ensured. I know Justice Adedotun Sijuwade as a man who knows his onions. He is not just a retired judge. He is indeed a retired Chief Justice of Osun State whom I believe must have created a landmark, albeit carved out a niche in the legal profession. Just as I am a social engineer, I doff my hat for him as a legal engineer who must have put in at least 32 years in the service of his father land. May I also remind you readers that this man for whose sake I am digressing is from the source- The cradle of the Yorubas home and abroad. I bother less about what happened in the year 2004 under his supervision because I pray premium on currency. But I am particularly curious about what is about to happen under his supervision in 2007 because the situation in which he operated in the former is quite different from that of the latter. That is actually why I am risking my neck.

There was an election in Osun, as in other states of the country in April 14.That was to have been conducted freely and fairly going by the rules of the game history by ensuring a civilian to civilian rule. Having done it before way back in 1979 through as a military head of state, people expected that eight years of civil rule should energize him enough to bring his experience to bear and keep military incursions at bay. The event of some innovations (remember GSM?) instilled confidence in people that he was really out to deliver, up to the time of bowing out. People were praying down the hands of God for deliverance and for a moment, I realized how visible the dear love that Nigerians have for their fatherland as people was, they were spontaneous in their responses at calls for God’s intervention and at the same time they showed enthusiastic epiphany toward massive participation in political activities.

Even when at a moment the seat of Power-Aso Rock- was rumbling and the number one and number two citizens were scuffing the corridor of governance due to betrayed of trusts and confidence, people were still hopeful. Even at a time that desperation heightened beyond mount Everest and the do-or-die dimension set in, the faith of the people in God was unflinching. Oh what a people! People were resolute to keep a date with destiny and defy all manipulation that is often engendered through incumbency and aimed at a renaissance that was to bring sophistication in ridding malpractices and unconventional methods which over the years, have marred out nationhood and humanhood. Osun was not an exception and people were mobilized to rise up to their civic duty which was to bring freedom that will endure for a foreseeable future civilization was exploited and inventions were made that were unprecedented in the history of Nigerian evolution.

All these in an attempt to move the country forward and liberate it forever from the debacle often employed by the conservative few to perpetrate selves in power and subject perpetually the majority to deliberating servitude. Even when they answered divine call over which they have no power and go to the greet beyond, cycling and  recycling have always been the order of the day resulting in the Osuntokuns, Fanikayodes, Ironsis and now Obasanjos, towering over others as of right of ascendancy.

God answered people’s cry and He decided to rescue the oppressed majority. He aroused in us the consciousness for total freedom and this materialized on April 14 to the chagrin and bewilderment of the bourgeoisie. Here in Osun, the governor momentarily forgot that he was no longer in Mogadishu when he carelessly said that “if it means bringing a whole battalion to Osun to silence opposition, he would do that.” This he said in Ilesa in the presence of G.O.C 2 Mechanized Division, Ibadan after he had been harshly humiliated at the polls on April14. There was covert and overt subjugation of majority will.

And people would not let go this time around. All accessible facts to substantiate claims were brought together and the genuineness of these are being proved currently at tribunal and the finality is not yet to sight. Should there then be piling up of jumbles especially in same society to dispense with the case of April 14 before another election comes up. I think the umpire should take to the path of honour by letting the dust raised on April 14 settle so that we can clearly see what is before us and fashion out ways of managing it so that we do not give room for the situation to degenerate. If it happened somewhere like in Kwara) and there was no problem, the case in Osun may be different.

Let us not call for anarchy. I think we have had enough of such as ripple effects of April 14. I am aware the opposition parties with which the ruling party will engage in a contest have spoken with one voice that they are not ready for election. The challenger of April 14 election results, Alhaji Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola has also disagreed to the ripeness of another election especially as he is till faced with the need to substantiate his claims at tribunal which I agree with him into to needs total, unalloyed concentration. Let the umpire advise the actors wisely so that together we may move Osun State forward. Let justice be done and be seen to have been done. A word is enough for the wise.

I have confidence in the tribunal as to its ability to do justice. While we are expecting that, let us continue to be forward-looking. Let us also be inward-looking so that we are not caught in the web of pranks and treachery. We should open wide our eyes and our sense. If my plea is not taken, all compatriots should arise. We should defend this legacy called democracy. If my advice is defied and there is a drum of desperation rolled out for election, let us go massively out and vote out the villains from amongst us. Let us have a populist government that will impact positively on ourselves and our dear state. Ile yi o ni baje lagbara Olorun. A o segun, ao bori lagbara Edumare.

Pastor  AJANI wrote in from Osogbo.

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